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The Field Placement and Advising Office can answer questions related to Field Experience, Student Teaching and Academic Advisement. For advisement you should first seek out your advisor, they should be your first stop but if they are unavailable the Field Placement and Advising office can usually answer questions or point you to the office or resource that can help you.

Field Placement

Many education courses have required Field Experience hours embedded in them. Not only are these hours required for successful completion of your classes but it is a valuable opportunity for students to see firsthand what schools are doing and begin to build professional contacts within the school districts. Students are encouraged to explore urban, suburban and rural schools during their field experience. Field Experience paperwork is available online under the “Field Experience” tab. Student Teaching placements and School Counseling internships are coordinated through the field placements office.


The College of Saint Rose is strongly committed to the intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual development of our students. Your faculty advisor is available for discussions about programs of study and career options, among other topics. Please note that it is your advisor’s responsibility to guide and counsel. It is your responsibility to make final decisions. When your Advisor is not available or you have questions you can contact the Field Placement and Advising Office on the first floor of the Lally School of Education in the School of Education offices.


Teacher Certification Exams

Certification Exams: In 2009 the [New York State Department of Education] Board of Regents approved a number of initiatives for the purpose of transforming teaching and learning … One of those initiatives was to strengthen the assessments for the certification of teachers … by creation of a teacher performance assessment and increased rigor of the content specialty exams. In May 2010, the Board reaffirmed the direction for the new exams, which includes the Educating All Students test (EAS), the Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA) …

The Education Department at the College of Saint Rose has kept pace with these changes by enhancing the curriculum to encompass the changes; also offered are informational workshops to help student’s navigate these tests.

Teacher Certification Application

TEACH – Online Services is the New York State Department of Education’s online system for applying for the Teacher Certification and submitting the Fingerprinting application. Effective 02/01/2010, paper certificates will no longer be printed for time-limited certificates such as Initial & Provisional. TEACH should be used to verify certification status.

Additional Teacher Certification Instructions for College of Saint Rose Students and Teacher Certification Information (student application information sheets and program numbers) are located on the Registrar’s website and/or you can reach the Registrar’s office by e-mail with your Certification Questions.

When applying for certification, you will need a program code which can be found on the Certification Application information Sheet for your program.