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The College of Saint Rose has a team of professionals that help students transfer smoothly to the College. From admissions to financial aid to academic advisement, we will guide you through each step.


We value your experience and academic work. To help get you started on your path to a bachelor’s degree*:

  • Students who have attended two-year colleges may transfer up to 70 credits.
  • Students who have attended four-year institutions may transfer up to 90 credits.

We welcome hundreds of transfer students to our campus each year. By any measure – graduation rates, job placement rates and acceptance into prestigious graduate schools – transfer students have a long history of success at Saint Rose.

(*Please Note: A minimum of 32 credit hours must be obtained at Saint Rose. To see how your coursework applies to the requirements at Saint Rose, please refer to the Transfer Equivalency Database. Once accepted, you will receive an official evaluation of all previous coursework.)

At The College of Saint Rose, we believe a college education should be innovative and relevant to today’s job market, yet also provide the critical thinking skills you’ll need to succeed in life. This is the value of a Saint Rose education – a degree that will help you get ahead, make new connections and effect positive change in the world around you.

Academic Scholarship

International Transfer Students

The College of Saint Rose is home to students from more than 58 countries, with the list growing every year.

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Veteran Transfer Students

Opened in 2015, the Veterans Center at Saint Rose is a dedicated place for military family members to gather, study, and support one another through all phases of the military to civilian transition.

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