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Authentically You Awards

For Spring 2024 Transfers

Not unlike the experience you receive from faculty and staff at Saint Rose, our admissions team cares about you and your interests. That’s why we developed an award system based on you and your life experiences — in addition to your academic achievements. Many of these awards reflect our values as a College, so we know you’ll fit right in at Saint Rose.

The Authentically You Awards, coupled with our merit-based scholarships, mean transfer students can earn up to $18,000 (in awards and scholarships) toward tuition and fees.

Authentically You Awards

Stack the following annual awards up to $3,000:

If you apply to Saint Rose, you will have the opportunity to stack the following awards up to $3,000:

$2,000 Admissions Interview Award: Understanding your academic and career goals is important to us!
How to receive it: Attend an admissions interview with a Saint Rose counselor.

$1,000 Music Award: We value your creativity and encourage you to continue to play in an ensemble at Saint Rose.
How to receive it: Provide a letter of recommendation from a music instructor or a transcript that demonstrates at least two years of band and/or choir participation.

$1,000 Legacy Award: As a relative of a current or former student, you’ll continue your family’s legacy here. We ❤️ our Golden Knights family!
How to receive it: Must have a relative who is currently attending or attended Saint Rose.

$1,000 Community Service Award: You align with our founding values, which encourage acts of service and volunteerism.
How to receive it: Provide formal documentation or a letter of recommendation that illustrates your act of service.

$1,000 Out-of-State Award: We understand the cost of traveling, which is why we provide this award.
How to receive it: Live outside of New York State or outside of the country and indicate so on your application.

$1,000 ROTC Award: We respect your commitment to serving our country.
How to receive it: Enroll in ROTC classes at Saint Rose each semester.

$1,000 Catholic University Award: Transferring from a Catholic institution? Saint Rose was founded as a Catholic college by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet. Although we are now interfaith, we honor our history with this award.
How to receive it: Provide a transcript that demonstrates at least two years (or more) of attendance at a Catholic institution.

$1,000 First Generation Award: We are immensely proud of you!
How to receive it: Be the first person in your family to pursue a bachelor’s degree and indicate so on your application.

Get started on your application today and find out which awards you qualify for!

PTK Transfer Honor Roll 2022

Phi Theta Kappa Award

$1,000 Phi Theta Kappa Award: You’re a member of PTK and worked hard for your GPA. We want to recognize you for this achievement!
How to receive it: Provide documentation that you are a member of PTK.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

In addition to the awards listed above, you can also receive merit-based awards based on your college GPA. To be considered for additional financial aid opportunities, all students must complete the FAFSA.

The school code for The College of Saint Rose is 002705.

Transfer students: $9,500 – $15,000 average merit-based awards.

Spring 2024 Transfer Scholarships Total Transfer Scholarships College GPA
$15,000 $18,000 3.81-4.00
$14,000 $17,000 3.50-3.80
$12,000 $15,000 3.21-3.49
$11,000 $14,000 3.00-3.20
$9,500 $12,500 2.99 and below
*Up to $3,000 in Authentically You Awards in addition to all merit scholarships

*Transfer Scholarship award structure is based on a cumulative GPA analysis of the applicant’s collegiate record.

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