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Frequently Asked Questions

The Counseling Center welcomes parents’ calls. Our staff understands that parents may have concerns about their students, and wish to communicate information about them or to consult with us about these concerns. In the event that a parent wishes to speak to their student’s therapist, a signed release of information must be obtained from the student. It is helpful if a parent can make this request of the student. The Counseling Center has a strong commitment to maintain the strict confidentiality of the information shared by students. The only exceptions require mental health providers to report current child abuse and to seek assistance when there is an imminent risk to a person’s health or safety. Parents are always free to convey information to us, inquire about counseling and psychological services at Saint Rose, and consult with us about any other issues related to their student’s care and well-being.

Sometimes parents contact the center with questions about how to get their son or daughter into counseling. It is important to note that counseling works best when it is a voluntary process. As such, the counseling staff does not generally contact students to make the initial appointment, out of the blue, unless there is an imminent safety concern. Parents will be coached on how to communicate directly with their son/daughters about seeking counseling services.

Students can make an appointment by calling us at (518) 454-5200 or by stopping in during normal business hours, Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm. The office is located at 985 Madison Ave, 3rd floor.

There are no charges for visits to the Counseling Center. Students may utilize the center for free short-term counseling services. In the event that longer term therapy is requested or recommended, your son or daughter will be referred to a treatment provider in the community where he/she will be able to use their health insurance benefits.

The staff is comprised of 3 full-time and 1 part-time NYS Licensed Mental Health Professionals, which includes the Clinical Director who is a Licensed Counseling Psychologist with over 15 years of experience in higher education. The Center also has highly supervised doctoral & master’s counseling trainees who provide individual and group counseling services to students.

All students who come in to the counseling center will be seen by a counselor for an initial screening, generally within 5-10 minutes of arrival. Screenings are brief visits (15-20 minutes) which are meant to assess the basic needs of the student. Students who present in high distress may be offered additional time in order to manage or diffuse the crisis. After the screening, students are called, generally within 24-hours, to schedule their first appointment. Depending on the time of year, students are generally seen within a week or so of calling for an initial appointment. During peak usage times, such as October/November and March/April, students may have to wait a little longer to get in.

Students come to the Counseling Center for many reasons. Many have concerns related to a number of common developmental issues that arise during the college years, including adjustment to college; dependence/independence; autonomy; making friends; roommate issues; romantic relationships; identity; career; and changing values.  Sometimes, the problems are solely related to academics, such as: academic stress & being overwhelmed; time management; procrastination; test anxiety; changing majors; or learning disabilities. At times, students have more significant problems coping with life stressors and may be struggling with more serious or chronic mental health concerns such as: depression & mood disorders: anxiety & panic attacks; self-injury; ADHD; eating disordered behavior; substance abuse or addiction; and more.

The Counseling Center does not have a medication prescriber on staff. In the event that a student needs psychiatric medication, referrals can be made to treatment provider’s off-campus. Commonly, students are referred to Pinnacle Behavioral Health, located on the bus-line, just off Western Avenue, approximately 3 miles from the college. The Counseling Center has a close working relationship with the doctors and psychiatric nurse practitioners at Pinnacle, and students are typically offered appointments within 1 or 2 weeks of calling.

Some issues students bring to the Counseling Center warrant more time and attention than the Counseling Center can offer. In addition, at busier times of the school year when students may not be able to be seen for weekly sessions, referrals for private practice will enable students to have consistent therapy with less wait, facilitating optimal care and attention to students’ concerns. In such cases, when students need a higher level of care or a more specialized service, staff members will work with students and their families to find good quality, financially accessible referral sources in the community. The college is very fortunate to have a number of excellent treatment providers working in private practice within a short walk or bus ride of campus.

If your son or daughter is experiencing suicidal thoughts or feelings, they should contact the Counseling Center at (518) 454-5200, immediately. The Counseling Center professional staff participates in a 24-hour emergency on-call rotation system for after-hours mental health emergencies. Students may also call Campus Security at (518) 454-5187, or an Area Coordinator in the Office of Residence Life, if they are resident students.