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Please use this form to notify us of any concerns you have regarding a student.

Concerned about a student?

The purpose of the Behavioral Assessment Team(BAT) is to review behavioral incidents and ensure systematic response to students whose behavior may be disruptive or harmful to themselves or the Saint Rose Community and to assist in protecting the health, safety, and welfare of students and other members of the community. Specifically, the charge for this team is to:

  1. Assess situations involving a student who poses a potential risk of harm to themselves or to persons or property in the College community or is of substantial disruption to College activities in accordance with policies stated in the Student Code of Conduct.
  2. Consult with administration, faculty, staff and other students affected by the inappropriate behaviors of a disruptive student.
  3. Coordinate the College response to a violent, threatening, or significantly disruptive student.
  4. Develop a specific strategy to manage the threatening or disruptive behavior with regard to the safety and rights of others and to minimize the disruption to the College community.
  5. Make recommendations to responsible College officials on appropriate action consistent with College policy and procedure statements and with state and federal law.
  6. Discuss students with multiple academic and non-academic alerts and develop an outreach strategy to students to assist them in connecting with faculty and progressing successfully.

Before submitting a written Behavioral Assessment Report, faculty and staff may consult with the Chairperson of BAT, Jen Richardson at 518.454.2023 or However, filing a formal written Behavioral Assessment Report may still be required following the consultation.

How to submit an alert:

All employees can submit an alert to BAT through either the College’s website through Navigate by submitting an alert on a student and selecting Non-Academic Alert as the type.  BAT will review the submission and determine how to triage the concern either through the BAT group or if another area on campus would be best to assist.  The BAT Chairperson or designee will follow up with the individual submitting the alert through phone, email or Navigate.  Students will not see the information included in the alert regardless of the submission type.

Faculty and staff should submit additional reports as new concerns arise or as behavior is repeated, even if they have done so before. A single incident may be insufficient to take action, but a pattern of incidents may require an institutional response.