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Psychology MBA Degree Photo

Why Choose Saint Rose for a Psychology BS/MBA?

Psychology and business share a natural synergy; it’s never been more obvious—and for an ambitious few, more rewarding—than today. Graduates trained in both—and the connections between them—are hotly in demand; the American Psychological Association has called this one of the top 3 areas of growth, and the U.S. Bureau of Labor & Statistics lists 56% job growth, one of the highest of any industry in the country.

Saint Rose offers those ambitious few—the most exceptional, driven students—an uncommon opportunity to complete two degrees in just four years: your Psychology bachelor’s degree in in three years and your MBA in one. It’s your fast-track to success in a fast-moving industry, but more than that, it’s a uniquely-Saint Rose experience: An amazing breadth and depth of study, including exclusive concentrations like Industrial Gerontology (the science of aging in the workplace). Applied, intensive internships. An intimate class environment where faculty become your mentors, and ultimately open doors for you in the working world. And a wide open choice for your next step, from a Masters in Industrial/Organizational Psychology to a career in HR or business analytics so in demand now with the Fortune 500.

Program Highlights

  • Complete your dual degree—including a specialized concentration in Industrial/Organizational Psychology—in only four years
  • Average class size is 25 or fewer, meaning one-on-one access to faculty
  • Internships—both undergrad and graduate—are diverse, rigorous and focused
  • As an undergraduate, you’ll also have extensive research opportunities—our top students regularly receive regional and national awards for their work

Course Requirements, Faculty, and Learning Objectives


  • Knowledge base in Psychology;
  • Scientific inquiry and critical thinking;
  • Ethical and social responsibility in a diverse world;
  • Communication;
  • Professional development.

Business Administration

  • Business Administration students will successfully make business decisions applying knowledge of the functional areas of business.

MBA Graduate Core

  • Demonstrate the advanced level of knowledge necessary for a management/accounting position.
  • Make management/accounting decisions based on analysis and evaluation of the data and ethical considerations.
  • Identify global issues and their management implications.
  • Produce and deliver effective oral communications for the management of an organization.
  • Produce and deliver effective written communications for the management of an organization.