Albertus Hall, one of the primary academic buildings in the center of campus, is the location of the faculty offices, classrooms, and teaching laboratories for the Department of Psychology.

The Department consists of seven faculty members, whose primary focus is to share knowledge of this expansive field with their students in exciting and innovative ways.

The program requirements allow students a great deal of flexibility and freedom. The diverse interests of the faculty provide opportunities to choose from pioneering courses such as Social Neuroscience, Forensic Psychology, Forgetting & Amnesia, Psychology of Love, Thanatology, Human Sexuality, and Parenting.


Concentrations within the Psychology major provide unique opportunities to better prepare students for specific careers and graduate programs. The Department of Psychology offers concentrations in Behavioral Neuroscience, Clinical/Counseling Psychology, Health Psychology, Human Development, and Industrial/Organizational Psychology. In a recent joint venture, the Department of Psychology and the Department of Criminal Justice have worked together to offer a major in Forensic Psychology. Many of our students pursue graduate degrees in various fields including Clinical Psychology, Behavioral Neuroscience, Forensic Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Business Administration, School Psychology, Quantitative Psychology, and Social Work.

Research experience is a critical component of the Psychology major at The College of Saint Rose and is acquired largely through the sequence of Research Methods I, Research Methods II, and a Senior Seminar capstone course. Students often pursue a Directed Research (PSY 495) project with the faculty. Many of our students may be seen presenting the results of their research each spring at the annual Eastern Psychological Association meeting, the regional division of the American Psychological Association.