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Why Choose Saint Rose for a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology?

The Department of Psychology at Saint Rose houses the very popular undergraduate B.S. programs in both Psychology and Forensic Psychology. While graduate training is required to practice in most areas of Psychology, our undergraduate program, with 52 required course credits, provides greater breadth and depth in students’ educational training than most other undergraduate programs, and makes our students more competitive candidates for graduate school. Enhancing student preparation even further, Bachelor of Science in Psychology students may choose optional concentrations within the Psychology major that provide specialized training in different areas. Our undergraduate Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree also has a very distinctive research component, requiring students to design and conduct at least one independent research project on a topic of their choice, with opportunities to complete many more through Directed Research with faculty, Research Honors projects, and their senior capstone course.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor & Statistics reports very high job growth (19% average) in Psychology with some of the highest rates in areas such as Clinical, Counseling, Forensic, School, and Industrial/Organizational Psychology through at least 2024. The American Psychological Association has reported that the fastest growing areas of Psychology are Clinical Neuropsychology, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and Geropsychology, and the World Health Organization has stated that the worldwide shortage of Psychologists may represent a global health problem.

In addition to these undergraduate programs, our Department has two specialized accelerated dual degree programs. We offer a 3+1 program combining a 3 year B.S. in Psychology (including a Concentration in Industrial/Organizational Psychology) with a 1 year Masters in Business Administration, and we offer a 3+2 program combining a 3 year B.S. in Psychology (including a Concentration in Clinical/Counseling Psychology) with a 2 year M.S.Ed. in Counseling, which qualifies graduates to take the licensing exam to become a licensed Mental Health Counselor.

Program Highlights - BS Psychology

  • With 52 required credits, the education students acquire has a much greater breadth and depth within the field of Psychology in comparison to most other institutions.
  • Specialized within-major concentrations:
    • Clinical/Counseling Psychology
    • Industrial and Organizational Psychology
    • School Psychology
    • Health Psychology
    • Behavioral Neuroscience
    • Social/Personality Psychology
    • Human Development
  • William J. Hagan Research Honors Concentration. This unique Honors Concentration may be completed by qualified students with strong interests in graduate school and/or post-graduate work involving research.
  • Highly diverse faculty interests resulting in equally diverse course offerings.
  • Wide variety of internship opportunities.

Course Requirements, Faculty, & Learning Objectives

Note: Learning Objectives are based on the American Psychological Association’s Comprehensive Learning Goals for the Undergraduate Psychology Major (from the American Psychological Association Guidelines for Undergraduate Psychology Major, version 2.0, 2013).

  • Knowledge base relevant to Forensic Psychology;
  • Scientific inquiry and critical thinking;
  • Ethical and social responsibility in a diverse world;
  • Communication;
  • Professional development.

Alumni Profiles