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Bachelor’s Degree in Music – Music Industry

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Music Industry Auditions

All prospective Music students must audition in order to be considered for admission with members of the Music Department faculty. For all in-person and virtual auditions, click the link to access the registration form to submit your audition appointment.

In-person Audition Dates:

  • November 18
  • January 20
  • March 16
  • April 20

Virtual auditions will be “open” via the Accepted Platform.

Click here to get started

Our goal for your audition is to see you do what you do best! The links below offer some repertoire suggestions, but if you have a piece that you feel showcases your abilities better, please write to Dr. Andrew M. Lee at and let us know.

  1. Select one of the above audition dates to submit the registration form for an in-person or virtual audition.
  2.  Submit your audition materials through Acceptd at
    • Once in Acceptd, sign up to create a profile.
    • After verifying your email, log in and search the directory for Saint Rose and select The College of Saint Rose Music Department.
    • Under “Start an Application”, enter your entry term, degree, and program.
    • Please make sure you are prepared with the appropriate audition materials for your program and area of study. View audition requirements here or on the Acceptd website.
    • In addition, you will need to upload an interview segment on Acceptd as well as your performance videos. Follow the prompts required for your specific program.

Choose Saint Rose for Your Bachelor's Degree in Music Industry

It’s hard to find something that engages creativity quite like music. And even those who are not destined for stardom can be part of the excitement behind-the-scenes.

All it takes is honing both creativity and a knack for the business in the music industry degree program at The College of Saint Rose.

If you think you could discover the next Adele, produce the most downloaded tracks, or promote mega-benefit concerts, then you will need to hone your skills through the BS in Music – Music Industry program from Saint Rose.

The music industry degree program is built on three equally weighted focus areas: music creation and performance, audio recording and music production, as well as music business and entrepreneurship.

The music industry degree equips students with the solid creative, technological, and business foundation needed to succeed in the fast-paced, multifaceted world of music.

Start Your Journey to Music Industry Success

Want to be a mover and shaker in music management, publishing, marketing, promotion, production, or performance? Billboard has recognized Saint Rose as having one of the top music business programs in North America. Nothing can put a music career on the fast track like the music industry program at Saint Rose.

Graduates of the music industry degree program are prepared for a range of different careers. While some students may become performers, many find themselves behind the scenes in the production booth, helping produce and engineer new sounds for their former classmates. Other graduates go on to work as music executives, developing new acts for mainstream success. Some choose to work in related industries, such as marketing, advertising, or public relations.

The diverse education offered as part of Saint Rose’s music industry degree provides the perfect foundation for many exciting careers.

Cutting edge facilities

In our William Randolph Hearst Center for Communications and Interactive Media, you’ll find a supportive, welcoming community of musicians, live-sound engineers, recording engineers, and producers who create, perform, and record commercial music. You’ll learn with top faculty, write and perform, intern for real clients as an artist manager or record producer, and create a full-length CD of your own music for your senior capstone.

Program Highlights

You receive the full Saint Rose music industry experience:

Dive into an integrated, comprehensive curriculum that includes applied music study, songwriting, arranging, recording engineering, record production, Pro Tools, MIDI, music business, artist management, and music law

  • Use the latest tools
    Compose, engineer, mix, and play to your heart’s content in our state-of-the-art recording studios, audio post-production rooms, television and radio studios, computer labs, and showcase studio
  • In-house Record Label
    Work with peers in our student-run, in-house Rose Record Label Group for additional hands-on experience in songwriting, record production, management, marketing, and music publishing
  • Put theory to practice
    Apply the concepts and skills you’ve learned in the classroom in the Hearst Center’s creative and interactive environment
  • Networking & Professional Growth
    Work and network with peers in GRAMMY U, a dynamic and growing community of college students pursuing a career in the music industry
  • Press your own record
    Learn to press vinyl in our new analog recording and record-cutting station funded by the Les Paul Foundation


The music industry program enables creative musicians who have a desire to forge a career in one of the many areas within today’s music industry the opportunity to engage in a multi-faceted course of study.

The music industry program curriculum contains three areas of equal focus, which all students are engaged in:

  • songwriting and composition
  • audio recording and music production
  • music business and entrepreneurship

View Course Requirements

  • Students will understand the elements of musical style, recognizing significant trends, musicians, theorists, literature, and external influences from antiquity to the present.
  • Students increase their ability to aurally recognize the fundamental elements of music.
  • Students will demonstrate a mastery of a body of repertoire in performance, as well as in written and recorded mediums.
  • Students will create a body of musical repertoire.
  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of the various components comprising the music industry and the process of bringing a musical product to the marketplace.
  • Students will produce technically and musically satisfactory recordings.
  • Students will display command of various music production tools.

Rose Record Label

At Rose Record Label Group, it is our mission to provide fresh ideas, opportunities, and experiences to a diverse group of artists and fans alike. Following contemporary trends in the music industry, we develop an elite catalog and promote original music by creating and collaborating through the innovations of rising talent.

Required Internships

Required Internships at some of the hottest companies from coast-to-coast.

You can find our music industry students gaining experience in:

  • Nashville
  • San Francisco
  • New York City
  • Austin
  • Boston
  • Philadelphia
  • Seattle

Explore Internships

Internship Spotlight: Lauren Rogoza ’19

Musicians Corner, Nashville, TN

Exceptional Faculty

Emphasis on inventive hands-on learning

Talented, accomplished, and 100% dedicated to you: Our faculty provide the perfect balance of challenge and support for your inspiration.

Matthew Finck Music Industry, Guitar

View Bio

Andrew McKenna Lee Department Chair Music Industry Coordinator, Composition/Songwriting

View Bio

Sean McClowry Music Industry, Bass

View Bio

Emily Pinkerton Music Industry, Composition/Songwriting

View Bio

Matthew FinckMusic Industry, Guitar

View Bio

Andrew McKenna LeeDepartment Chair Music Industry Coordinator, Composition/Songwriting

View Bio

Sean McClowryMusic Industry, Bass

View Bio

Emily PinkertonMusic Industry, Composition/Songwriting

View Bio

Alumni Outcomes

Our Alumni are going places.

We’re a community that loves music, and lives to foster each other’s creativity. Our graduates use their Saint Rose education as a springboard to employment in music education, music performance, audio and video production, arts administration and entertainment law.

Shaping the art, the artists, and the industry

Our alums are out there making beautiful music. Whether they’re performing in an orchestra or band, teaching the next generation of musicians, composing cantatas or soundtracks, or managing top talent, they’re transforming the landscape.

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Of course, if you have any questions, please reach out. We’re here to help.

Music Industry Program Coordinator

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