Marketing encompasses the total system of interacting business activities designed to plan, price, promote and distribute products and services offered by both profit and not-for-profit centered organizations.

To prepare individuals for a career in marketing, this major concentrates on developing the student’s ability to make objective and ethical decisions in the areas of marketing, advertising, sales force management, and retailing. It prepares students to conduct research to market to consumers and businesses in both national and international arenas.


Learning Objectives

Marketing Learning Objectives

  • Demonstrate understanding of the marketing vocabulary, concepts, and theories used by marketing professionals.
  • Make marketing and sales decisions based on analysis of market data, informed by ethical considerations.

Undergraduate Core Learning Objectives

  • Demonstrate the knowledge necessary to fulfill professional goals.
  • Make business decisions based on analysis and evaluation of the data and ethical considerations.
  • Identify global issues and their business implication.
  • Produce and deliver effective oral communications.
  • Produce and deliver effective written communications.