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The Security Department provides crime prevention seminars and information tables for the campus community throughout the year. Topics include fire prevention, on and off-campus safety, identity theft, internet safety and protection of personal property.

More information on these and other safety topics can be found at the Security Headquarters, 340 Western Avenue.

Safety First

  • Always Be Aware of Your Surroundings:  Alert Security immediately if you need assistance or to report any suspicious person(s) or activities.
  • Avoid Dark, Isolated Areas:  Stay in lighted, populated spaces. 
  • Do Not Walk Alone:  Use the Security Escort Service when walking alone at night or use the Emergency Blue Light Telephone to call Security
  • Use the Campus Shuttle Services:  When traveling between the main campus and Picotte Hall.
  • Suspicious Package: If you find an unattended bag or receive a suspicious package or letter and are unable to verify the contents with the addressee or sender you should…
    • Isolate the package or device and evacuate the area
    • Do not touch, tamper, open or move the article
    • Isolate the mailing and evacuate the immediate area
    • Do not put in water or confined space such as a desk drawer or a filing cabinet
    • If possible, open windows in the immediate area to assist in venting potential explosive gases
    • If you have any reason to believe a letter or parcel is suspicious, do not take any chance or worry about possible embarrassment if the item turns out to be innocent.  Contact Campus Security (518-454-5187) IMMEDIATELY.

  • All emergencies should be reported to Security immediately by calling 518.454.5187, using RAVE Guardian or pressing an emergency blue light.
  • Non-emergency incidents can be reported by calling 518.454.5187, or by reporting to the Security Headquarters, located at 340 Western Avenue.  An officer will complete an incident report and may ask for a written statement.
  • If you contact off campus emergency services (911, APD, etc.) for an incident on campus also contact Campus Security to provide support to the emergency responders and access to the building(s).


NY Alert is New York State’s All Hazards Alert and Notification system.