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July 15 to 19

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Sports, History, Business, & Government

Alexander Hamilton History ($160)

9am – noon
Before Alexander Hamilton became the subject of an award-winning Broadway musical, his historical legacy was equally as profound and scandalous. In this history class, learn all about Hamilton, his life, and his legacy to put the modern-day Broadway character in context.

Performing Arts

Theater Technology ($198)

9am – noon
Learn how to make the magic of the stage come to life. This hands-on class will explore how to bring stage designs to reality through the building of scenery and props, and carefully planned lighting, sound, and costume design.

A Capella Singing ($198)

1pm – 4pm
Come learn to be Pitch Perfect! In the style of Glee and Pentatonix, students will learn ensemble part singing, ear training, and possibly vocal percussion. The week culminates with a trip to the recording studio to record a performance of what was learned.

Effects Make-up ($198)

1pm – 4pm
Students will explore make-up effects technique through hands-on experience and application.  Topics include prosthetic application, use of adhesives, masks, hair effects, illusion, 3D effects and more.

Theater Make-up ($198)

9am – noon
Students will learn the basics of theatrical makeup design through hands-on experience and application. Learn how to accentuate features for stage, old age, fantasy, and beginner special effects makeup skills for stage and film.


Song Writing ($198)

9am – noon
Have you ever wanted to learn to play, sing, or write your own songs? If so, then this is the class for you! Using recordings of songs you enjoy, we’ll study how they are put together and use what we learn to create our own music using scales, chord progressions, and rhythmic patterns.

Poetry Writing ($160)

1pm – 4pm
In this class, students will experiment with a variety of poetic forms and structures including haiku, free verse, odes, and slam poetry and they will keep a journal of poems, thoughts, and ideas. Students will be encouraged to write samples of each form, while focusing on idea generation and creative thought.

Art & Design

Graphic Novel Creation ($198)

9am – noon
Here’s your chance to engage in the art of graphic novels and comics. Students in this class will learn the skills necessary to create their own illustrated stories while using various forms of comic books and graphic novels as inspiration. The focus of this course will be on both writing and drawing.

Manga Drawing ($198)

1pm – 4pm
Avatar, The Last Airbender, Teen Titans and the Power Puff Girls are all inspired by the popular and distinctive Japanese drawing style known as Manga. Explore the history and technique of Manga drawing and develop your own distinctive characters and storylines.

Math, Science, Technology, & Engineering

Aquatic Ecology ($198)

9am – noon
Explore the largest ecosystem on Earth! Through lab work and trips to local aquatic locations, uncover the organisms that live in fresh water and maritime environments and see changes to the aquatic environment that generate substantial environmental impact.

Environmental Technology ($198)

1pm – 4pm
Explore how technology and science can save the environment. Students will experiment with environmentally-friendly energy technology by designing, testing, and analyzing solar & wind technologies. Also, learn about “going-green” by creating products and testing their efficiency and effectiveness versus products available commercially.

Music Recording & Engineering ($396)

9am – 4pm
Students will learn how to record and mix music using the same computer programs, microphones, and gear as the top professionals in the music industry.  From the garage to the studio, the same rudimentary set of skills will be taught to ensure that anyone can make a good recording. There is no experience needed to take this class and students will have the opportunity to record the Summer Academy Pop Singing Workshop and Song Writing musicians.

Digital Video Production A ($396)

9am – 4pm
Spend a week immersed in field and studio video creation from pre to post-production. Learn to develop ideas, formulate scripts, shoot footage, and participate in the editing process with a focus on visual storytelling. Students will get a hands-on experience in a collaborative group based setting.