Saint Rose offers you two paths to the MS in Accounting, depending on the level of education you’ve already achieved.

  • The MS in Accounting program is designed for students who already have an undergraduate degree, in any major. See the graduate catalog page for specifics on this 30-credit program.


M.S. in Accounting Curriculum

  1. The M.S. in Accounting program consists of 30 graduate credits. Students pursuing the M.S. in Accounting degree must satisfy two sets of requirements. The first consists of those business and accounting courses needed to qualify to take the CPA examination in New York State; the second consists of additional courses required of all candidates for the M.S. in Accounting degree.
  2. Students must meet the regulations of the New York State Education Department.
  3. Master of Science requirements also require that students must also satisfy New York State licensure regulations pertaining to undergraduate course requirements necessary to qualify to sit for the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination.

Academic Requirements for the M.S. in Accounting

Graduate Business Courses (15 credits)
  • MBA 516 Management Communications and Social Responsibility
  • MBA 555 Managerial Economics
  • MBA 640 Managerial Finance
  • MBA 660 Production and Quality Management
  • MBA 690 Advanced Strategic Management
Graduate Accounting Courses (15 credits)
  • ACC 522 Budgeting and Cost Analysis
  • ACC 529 Corporate Taxation
  • ACC 570 Advanced Theory of Financial Accounting
  • ACC 571 Advanced Computer Auditing
  • ACC 572 Advanced Taxation

New York State Regulations

The following undergraduate courses, taken at an accredited institution, are required to satisfy Master of Science in Accounting requirements, as well as New York State licensure regulations to qualify to sit for the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination:

Equivalent Saint Rose Courses (Credits)
  • Principles of Accounting I ACC 121 (3)
  • Intermediate Accounting I and II ACC 221, 322 (6)
  • Financial Accounting Theory Advanced Application ACC 323 (3)
  • Taxation ACC 328 (3)
  • Advanced Accounting ACC 418 (3)
  • Auditing ACC 421 (3)
  • Economics ECO 105 (3)
  • Finance BUS 301 (3)
  • Business Law BUS 233, 234 (6)
  • Statistics MAT 184 (3)
  • Computer Science (3)
  • General Business Credit (3)

Learning Objectives

Graduate Core Learning Objectives

  • Demonstrate the advanced level of knowledge necessary for a management/accounting position.
  • Make management/accounting decisions based on analysis and evaluation of the data and ethical considerations.
  • Identify global issues and their management implications.
  • Produce and deliver effective oral communications for the management of an organization.
  • Produce and deliver effective written communications for the management of an organization.