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The goal of the Institute for Community Research and Training is to develop research and training capacity that focuses on the social, behavioral and health concerns of the community. Faculty directed and advised by a committee consisting of representatives of academic departments from across the College, the administration and the community, ICRT develops and implements research and training projects that are consistent with the Mission of the College and seeks funding opportunities to accomplish these goals.

Goals of the institute:

  • To establish The College of Saint Rose as a partner with local not for profit organizations, as well as federal, state and local governments, and to assist them in meeting their research and training needs.
  • To provide needed projects within the community, such as assessing housing, health care, and social service needs, and to design interventions as required.
  • To be a forum for the development and implementation of research, evaluation and training ideas developed by the faculty.
  • To involve current students both undergraduate and graduate, and to recruit new students into the research process.
  • To be a model program that addresses The College of Saint Rose goal to be involved and active in the community.