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By completing this program, students earn a Bachelor's degree from the College of Saint Rose and a Master of Science from the Sage Graduate School.

The Applied Nutrition (4+2) program is a collaborative program between the College of Saint Rose and The Sage Graduate School.  A student takes four years of classes at The College of Saint Rose to obtain a Bachelor’s degree.  Any major can be chosen, but the basic coursework requirements for the Applied Nutrition program must be completed. A major of Biology , Chemistry, or Biochemistry is strongly recommended.

The student then completes an additional two years full-time at Sage Graduate School to obtain a Master of Science degree in Applied Nutrition. The graduate program at Sage Graduate School may also be taken on a part-time basis for students already working.


The College of Saint Rose will provide you with an advisor for your chosen major. In addition, students interested in the program should contact Dr. Brian Jensen.  Periodic consultation can help coordinate undergraduate electives and coursework in order to satisfy prerequisites of the graduate program.

Articulation Agreement & Program Requirements

The College of Saint Rose and The Sage Colleges have developed a collaborative articulation agreement to provide qualified students from Saint Rose who wish to pursue a Master’s in Nutrition Sciences from Sage Graduate School (SGS) early acceptance as indicated below. This collaborative agreement provides for a seamless transition into the Nutrition program including:

  • Early acceptance into Sage Graduate School upon the successful completion of prerequisite nutrition program courses, a satisfactory interview, personal statement, letters of recommendation and application
  • Waiver of Sage Graduate School application fee
  • Advisement to coordinate undergraduate electives and coursework to satisfy prerequisites for the graduate program
  • Opportunity to apply for early Graduate Assistantships at Sage Graduate School

Terms of Agreement: Physical Therapy Admission

College of Saint Rose students will be granted admission to the Sage Graduate School for the Applied Nutrition Program, who demonstrate the following:

  • Earned a baccalaureate degree (or in progress)
  • Minimum overall 3.0 GPA
  • Completion of Applied Nutrition program prerequisite courses with grades C or better in each (see prerequisite courses listed below)

To guarantee placement in the Applied Nutrition Program, The College of Saint Rose students agree to:

By April 5 for Fall admission and by November 1 for January admission

1.    Submit a completed Sage Graduate School application packet (fee waived)

2.    Submit official transcripts from all college institutions attended

3.    Submit a current resume

4.    Submit two letters of recommendation (one from a faculty member, another from another source: employer, supervisor, etc.)

Students will also:

5.    Complete a satisfactory interview with the Sage Nutrition graduate program director

Upon graduation from the College of Saint Rose:

6.    Submit official final transcripts documenting completion of undergraduate degree and Applied Nutrition program prerequisite courses.

BIO210 Anatomy & Physiology*4
BIO234 Comparative Vertebrate Biology*4
SOC288 Statistics4
PSY110 Introductory Psychology 1 or
PSY111 Introductory Psychology 2
Nutrition Science (not offered at Saint Rose)**

* All 4-credit biology and physics courses have a required laboratory component.
** Program pre-requisites not met prior to acceptance in the Sage Graduate School MS Program in Applied Nutrition may be completed at Sage.