It’s not enough to keep up with the pace of the world. The best education anticipates where it’s going—and prepares you to meet it head-on.

In every field—from business to science, from the creative industry to education—Saint Rose strives always to be an innovator, with a finger on the pulse of what’s new and what’s next. So each new program below stands out among programs like it, by offering distinctions you won’t find elsewhere: Flexible class times for working students. Cutting-edge industry concentrations. Dual degrees that offer a rigorous education more quickly. And dedicated one-on-one mentoring with faculty who have worked in their fields and have far-reaching connections to share.

With every program, we want it to be clear that there’s no place like Saint Rose.

B.S. Psychology & MBA (3 + 1 Accelerated Dual Degree)

A four-year path to two degrees, preparing you for one of the fastest-growing careers more quickly. You’ll master the two disciplines, their natural synergies, and a specialized concentration that’s highly sought by those who are hiring now.

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B.S. Psychology & M.S.Ed. Counseling (3 + 2 Accelerated Dual Degree)

A specialized degree compressing six years into five through rigorous coursework and real-world experience. On graduating, you’ll be instantly eligible for your licensing exam—ready to become a practicing mental health counselor.

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M.S. Business Analytics

Our specialized Master’s program teaches students to analyze data and then use it to shape business decisions in any industry. Two concentrations let you apply learning to your own field or fast-track into a new career.

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M.S. Social Work

A leading-edge program that uniquely focuses on prevention before pathology, exploring the issues of wellness and social justice while advancing your clinical skills. Flexible class times give you more options to advance or change your career.

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