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At Saint Rose, we recognize that students bring a wide variety of needs and goals to their education, and that many of these needs and goals will change over time. For this reason, we strive to combine careful attention to what our students say—to the hopes and dreams they express—with an informed awareness of where they are academically, offering the most appropriate response to both. On some occasions, this may take the form of relatively straightforward guidance in course selection or program requirements, while, on others, it will call for more extensive discussion of students’ aspirations, values, and/or concrete academic situation.

In all of our interactions with students, however, we endeavor to embody not only the highest standards of academic advising as a profession, but of Developmental Advising as a philosophical approach. In the words of Burns Crookston—one of the first and still most influential theorists of Developmental Advising—we are “concerned not only with a specific personal or vocational decision, but also with facilitating the student’s rational processes, interpersonal interactions, and problem-solving, decision-making, and evaluation skills.” In this regard, we view advising as a mode of pedagogy leading to students’ emotional/intellectual development, and, as such, integral to the larger mission of the College as a whole.