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Choose Saint Rose for Your Minor in World Languages and Cultures

Did you know that 88% of job recruiters say that speaking more than one language is critical to business success? The Department of World Languages and Cultures is invested in guiding students through the process of developing second language skills that will make a difference once they enter the job market. Majoring in Social Work, Music Industry, Criminal Justice, Computer Science? No matter what your major is, our minors in Spanish, French, and Latino Studies, as well as our Spanish or French/Spanish concentrations and our Certificate in Translation Spanish < > English will help you acquire second language skills that will give you an edge!

Program Highlights

Innovative, Outcomes-Based Learning

Whether you are learning Spanish, French, Italian, Arabic, or Greek as a second language, or grew up with family speaking that language around you, our courses encourage students to develop communicative proficiency as quickly as possible. We help you evaluate how that second (or third, or fourth) language can help you get a job, or earn more in your job, all while enjoying the life-enriching benefits of speaking more than one language.

Emphasis on Culture

The key to learning a language is learning the culture that the language expresses. For instance, what is the deal with chancletas and Hispanic mothers? Why are telenovelas so popular in the Spanish-speaking world? We won’t forget the foods, either: tacos, crêpes, baklava, tostones… Every language class at The College of Saint Rose makes a point of enriching your language preparation with as much pertinent cultural information as possible. Exactly the kind of context and depth that Google Translate cannot provide!

Second language educators needed!

And for those of you who are interested in our Spanish or French/Spanish Concentration for Childhood Education, our program will also prepare you to respond to the American Academy of Arts & Sciences call that “language education begin at the earliest possible moment in the educational continuum.” You will be prepared to not only teach Spanish, but also to teach IN Spanish.

The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) defines proficiency guidelines and national standards for the teaching and learning of foreign languages in the U.S.