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While we encourage all Saint Rose students to live on-campus, we understand that you may want a more independent living environment and experience.

Off Campus Housing 101

We know that there are a variety of websites that you can look for apartments.  When owners contact our office, we point them towards Off Campus Housing 101 to list their information.  You might want to use this as one of your resources when you are searching.  In addition to apartments for rent, you might also find information on possible subletting opportunities and other students who are looking for a roommate.  We are not connected to any of these listings and the College is not responsible for anything posted on this site.

University Heights College Suites

Another option to consider is University Heights College Suites, a suite-style housing option for area college students located just about 2 miles from our campus.

Whether you live on-campus or off, we want you to play an active role in making your living environment safe and encourage you to consider reviewing these fire safety tips.