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Art Director at PublicAffairs Books

B.F.A. Graphic Design
Art Director
PublicAffairs Books
Boulder, CO

Peter GarceauPeter is currently the Art Director at PublicAffairs Books, where he works on a variety of projects, primarily book covers. His job as a designer is to create an interesting and unique cover, which engages the reader and communicates clearly. Prior to this position, Peter was the Associate Designer for St. Martin’s Press.

Saint Rose was essential to my development as a graphic designer and the skills I gained there gave me the ability to pursue my goals with confidence. The design program structure– of learning the fundamentals before moving on to more advanced areas, helped me develop the understanding and discipline needed to succeed in the highly competitive world of design.

One hugely important factor, which I attribute most of my success to, was accepting an internship in NYC at St. Martin’s Press. Without this early nudge into the real world of design, I am certain that my development would have taken much longer, and my path would have, perhaps, been less rewarding. Even Saint Rose’s Albany location served as an urban stepping stone, which ultimately lead me to the design capital of the world, New York City.”