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Flex Master’s Degree in Computer Science

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Take Your Career to New Heights with a Flex Master's Degree in Computer Science from Saint Rose

An advanced degree in computer science will helps graduates build a rewarding career developing technological solutions to society’s most pressing issues.

A Flex master’s degree in computer science can lay the foundation for a career in essential work, such as making consumer data more secure, helping communities recover from disasters, and improving healthcare delivery.

Whether you already have a background in computer science or want to apply your quantitative and problem-solving skills to new technological challenges, Saint Rose has the degree for you. And our unmatched Flex delivery model, which allows you to choose how you attend class from week to week — in person, via livestream, or online on your time, puts you in control of your education so life never gets in the way of pursuing your goals.

Why Choose a FLEX Schedule?

With the Saint Rose Flex MS, you choose how to receive classroom instruction, and you can change it from week to week.

Build the knowledge and skills you need for a great career all on your own schedule with our new flex program. Your schedule may not allow you to take evening classes on campus regularly, but you might be concerned that online programs might feel impersonal.

We also know, from having offered graduate computer science programs for decades, that juggling life and an MS program can be challenging. So, we’ve created the optimal learning experience, with the ultimate flexibility: Take classes any time, any way you want.

  • In-Person, Evenings Learn in a traditional classroom setting
  • Livestream, Anywhere Go online to interact with your professor and classmates from wherever you are, in real-time
  • Online, Any Time Watch videos of your class and do the work as your schedule allows.

Program Highlights

Our computer science curriculum is structured around dynamic coursework in computing theory, operating systems, and algorithm development.After the program ends, you can apply your knowledge and skills to resolve the significant and complex technological quandaries facing various organizations, businesses, and industries.

  • Attend classes taught by tenured faculty, not graduate students
  • Study with responsive faculty from diverse backgrounds and demographics
  • Work in labs with a computer for each student
  • Choose from flexible hours that suit your schedule
  • Demonstrate the ability to apply your knowledge to a real-world problem through a research project or internship
  • Delve into computation theory, operating systems, and algorithm design; learn to use cloud computing, big data, and cryptography technologies

This program may be most appropriate for you if you are comfortable with coding and abstract concepts, have strong analytical and conceptual skills, and hold a BS in Computer Science or BS in Information Technology (IT).
Students with a BS in Math may have to complete additional prerequisites.

bachelors degree in computer science students working on an assignment

Dr. Kim Gero reviews an assignment with students at the annual New York Celebrating Women in Computing Conference in Lake George.

What Do We Mean by Next-Level Learning?

  • Exceptional Faculty
    Study with faculty who foster a supportive learning environment tailored to your individual learning style and needs.
  • Diverse Community
    Work with classmates who bring a variety of experiences and backgrounds – much like the multifunctional teams you’ll work with in the future.
  • Small classes
    Our small classes and emphasis on project learning will maximize your ability to learn and interact with faculty and classmates.
  • Next-Level Outcomes
    Enter the workforce as a confident and experienced computer scientist prepared to apply your creativity and aptitude to the digital world.

Master's in Computer Science Requirements

The Master’s in Computer Science ensures you gain a solid foundation in computing theory, operating systems, and algorithm development, as well as practical skills in applying your knowledge to real-world issues.

You’ll study with supportive faculty tuned into your individual learning style and needs, alongside peers from all walks of life; you’ll learn through classroom lectures and team projects. Class sizes are deliberately small to maximize your learning and your interactions with faculty and classmates.


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The computer science degree at Saint Rose now includes six concentrations available to students in the computer science program and the MBA program. Each concentration addresses a specific area of need within computer science and business-related careers. These courses offer a focus to your degree that can appeal to employers in a number of industries.

  • Machine Learning
  • Text Mining with Python
  • Big Data Programming

*Prerequisite: CSC-202/522


  • Software Development
  • Lifecycle Management
  • User Interface Design
  • Algorithm Design Case Study
  • Networking
  • Select one from each grouping:
    • Cyber Risk Management or IoT Devices
    • Applications for Cybersecurity or Cybersecurity and Cryptography

Prerequisite: CSC-202/522
*Extend Cyber-Intern: Insider Threat
**Extend Cyber Case Study: IoT Devices
***Extend Applications for Cybersecurity

  • Networking
  • Cloud Computing & Virtualization
  • Select 1: Advanced Database or System
  • Administration

Prerequisite: CSC-202/522 equivalent

  • (IoT/Arduino/GPU)
  • Cyber: IoT Devices
  • Design and Development with Embedded Controls
  • Select 1: Networking OR Cloud Computing and Virtualization

Prerequisite: CSC-202/522 equivalent
* Extend Cyber Case Study: IoT Devices
** New course

  • Data Communications
  • Networking
  • Advanced Networking

Prerequisite 202/522 equivalent
*Extend CSC-444 Advanced Networking

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Good- paying job opportunities for graduates who hold a master’s degree in computer science are continuing to grow.
  • Due to the ever-changing landscape, there is high- demand for qualified individuals with expertise in new and emerging technology.
  • Many of today’s jobs in computer science require niche skills based on the particular business or industry. It may not be possible to gain all the necessary knowledge with a bachelor’s degree in computer science.
  • The master’s degree program attracts a variety of graduate students who may not have studied computer science as an undergrad but are looking to apply technology skills to their business, web  development, or analysis knowledge.

Not only are job opportunities available in the tech sector, but there is a demand for computer science professionals across most industries. Getting a master’s degree allows graduates to hone their skills in a variety of specialties including:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Software Development
  • Data Analyst
  • Web Development
  • Machine Learning
  • Robotics
  • Cybersecurity

Graduates can find careers as systems and security engineers, computer scientists, software and mobile app developers, and web developers.

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