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An MBA is a gateway to a rewarding business career – but too many potential students find it difficult to pursue the degree because of work or family obligations. Saint Rose is proud to announce its innovative new model for delivering MBA classes. The Flex MBA allows students to attend any class in the way that works best for their schedule and situation.

For each class session, students attend in the way that’s most convenient to them, without having to register for a specific modality. Every session of every class required for the MBA is available in all three ways:

  • In person, in a traditional classroom setting*
  • Remotely (synchronous), via livestream in real time
  • Online (asynchronous), via recorded class video

“Face time is crucial for learning, and online programs can feel isolating,” said MBA program coordinator John F. Dion, an associate professor of marketing. “At the same time, juggling real life and classes can be challenging. We’ve committed to the Flex MBA mode of delivery because we strongly feel that no student should have to choose between work or family and school.”

Most programs force students to select a single modality, such as an evening or weekend class that requires adhering to a rigid schedule, or an online format that sacrifices the personal interaction that happens in class. With the 36-credit Saint Rose Flex MBA, beginning in Fall 2019, each student chooses the modality that works for them at any given time, whether they have to work overtime, care for a sick child, or fulfill military service.

“More than half of our MBA students take classes part-time, due to their demanding schedules outside of graduate school,” said Saint Rose President Carolyn J. Stefanco. “We are known for finding creative ways to support our students, and our ‘any time, any way MBA’ is our newest innovation to help students earn the degree they need to enhance their earning power and enjoy a successful business career.”

With the ultimate flexibility of the Saint Rose Flex MBA, a student can complete the program in as little as one year with a full-time schedule, or take up to six years part-time. The degree is extremely affordable, at a price point competitive with state school tuition costs after grants and scholarships, for which most students qualify.

Learn more at or to receive more information, contact graduate admissions at or 518.454.5143.

*International students may have some on-campus attendance requirements.