Mathematics: Adolescence Education qualifies students for initial certification by New York State to teach mathematics in grades 7 through 12.

The College of Saint Rose boasts a better than 96% pass rate among its students on the New York State Teacher Certification Examinations. These students take a full Mathematics program as they prepare for the demands of the classroom and graduate school.


As a culminating portion of their program, they complete a required, full-semester student teaching assignment. Prior to that experience, students in this program participate in a variety of in-school observations, participation, and teaching in a variety of settings to increase their competency in teaching and to prepare for a smooth transition to the student teaching semester.

Students in this program are encouraged to participate in local and regional conferences for Mathematics teachers, to investigate available resources for mathematic teaching, and to volunteer to tutor disadvantaged students.

Four Year Course Plan

Mathematics: Adolescence Education

Fall Semester
15 credits
MAT190 Calculus 1 4
CSC202 Intro to Programming 4
ENG105 Expository Writing, Oral Comm. and Research [L01] 4
RLS102 Ethics and Values [L06] 3
Spring Semester
17 credits
MAT191 Calculus 2 4
MAT240 Linear Algebra 3
MAPLE Workshop 0
Liberal Educ. Requirement [L10] 3
Liberal Educ. Requirement [L05] 3
Liberal Educ. Requirement [L04] 4
Fall Semester
18 credits
MAT201 Calculus 3 4
MAT220 Foundations of Mathematics 3
PHY190 Physics [L09] 4
EPY243 Adolescent Psychology and Development 4
SED 225 Include Stud w/Disabilities 3
EDU102 Violence Prevention 0
Spring Semester
18 credits
MAT310 Discrete Math & Stats 3
MAT320 Number Theory 3
EPY370 Ed. Psychology/Instructional Technology * 4
EDU300 Foundations of Education 3
Liberal Education Requirement [L12] 1
EDU103 Child Abuse Prevention 0
EDU111 Dignity for all Students 0
Fall Semester
17 credits
MAT372 Introduction to Probability 3
MAT410 Geometries 3
SEC 365 Curriculum/Instruct 7-12 4
Liberal Educ. Requirement [L02] 3
Liberal Educ. Requirement [L03] 3
Liberal Education Requirement [L12] 1
EDU 106 HIV/AIDS/Disease Workshop 0
Spring Semester 16 credits
MAT350 Abstract Algebra or
MAT401 Basic Analysis **
MAT Elective 3
SEC376 Methods of Teaching Math 4
Liberal Education Requirement [L13] 3
General Elective 3
EPY337 Substance Abuse Workshop 0

Fall Semester
12 credits
MAT350 Abstract Algebra or
MAT401 Basic Analysis **
General Electives 9
Spring Semester 3 credits
SEC470 Student Teaching 10
SEC498 Seminar for Ad. Ed. Stu. Teach. 3

*Students who do not take CSC104 must take EPY370

**Students must take both MAT350 and MAT401. Register for one of these 2 courses in Spring of Year 3 and the other in Spring of Year 4.