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WHy Choose Saint Rose for a Bachelor's Degree Interdepartmental Studies?

Choosing just one area of study isn’t right for everyone. The College of Saint Rose Interdepartmental Studies program provides the flexibility to combine coursework in two or more disciplines that you’re interested in. Work with our dedicated academic advisors and faculty members to design your own formal plan of study to help reach your academic and career goals. We also offer a specially designed interdepartmental track for engineering in partnership with two local higher-education institutions.

Program Highlights

  • The flexibility to design your own nontraditional major with the support of a dedicated academic advisor
  • A pre-engineering track that allows you to earn two degrees over a period of five years in partnership with either Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) or Clarkson University
  • An application assessment process that will help ensure you’re on the right track to achieve your academic goals

Course Requirements, Faculty, and Interdepartmental Studies Options

The Special Studies option retains the flexible dimension of the Interdepartmental Studies major. Under this option, students are able to design their own major by combining two clusters of at least 18-24 credits each or three clusters of at least 12-18 credits each. All students interested in participating in the Interdepartmental Studies Program must complete an application form prior to formally enrolling in this major. Application/program requirements include:

  • Students write a narrative demonstrating how the Interdepartmental Studies program, specifically the combination of the two or three disciplines specific to their Interdepartmental Studies program, will contribute to their career and life goals.
  • Students develop a formal plan of study, in conjunction with the Academic Advising Office.
  • The Plan of Study must include progression from 100 to 400 level courses.
  • Students must successfully complete the College-wide Liberal Education Requirements.
  • A capstone is required for completion of the program.
  • Once the application narrative and Plan of Study are prepared, students are responsible for meeting with the departments chairs representing the disciplines included in their Interdepartmental Studies program, as well as the appropriate school deans, in order to review and gain approval for their Program of Study.

The 3 + 2 program in Engineering allows a student to earn two degrees over a period of five years (depending on course loads): the B.A. in Interdepartmental Studies from The College of Saint Rose and a B.S. in Engineering at either Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) or Clarkson University. Under our affiliation agreements with RPI and Clarkson, students complete three years of prescribed course work at Saint Rose and then complete two years of study within the Engineering programs at the other institution. Students interested in this program should consult the office of Undergraduate Admissions or the School of Mathematics and Sciences.

Final approval for admission into the Interdepartmental Studies Program rests solely with the specific departments. Once approved, department chairs and deans sign the student’s Plan of Study, and the student brings the completed form to the Director of Academic Advising, who files a copy and sends a copy to the Registrar’s Office for official documentation of Interdepartmental Studies as the student’s major.