Lucy Bowditch

Professor of Art History


Ph.D.Art HistoryThe University of Chicago
M.A.Art HistoryThe University of Chicago
B.A.Art HistoryBowdoin College

Professional Experience

Dr. Bowditch received her doctorate in Art History from the University of Chicago in 1994, and has been teaching full time at The College of Saint Rose in Albany, New York, since 1995. She regularly teaches Modern Art, Contemporary Art, and History of Photography.

Lucy Bowditch’s signature course is Art Now, an experiential course in New York City, where students meet professionals in the art world and see approximately 70 exhibitions. She has also taught Women in Art; Art Seen through the Elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water; Modern Art in Paris; Modern Art & Literature; and Art Criticism. She is eclectic in her approach to art, but tends to stress social art history.

Her interest in notions of public and private is longstanding. In addition to delivering an initial conference paper “Public and Private in Light of Lingerie,” and consequently publishing an essay on the topic, she taught a course titled “Constructions of Public and Private Space” at the New School and chaired a College Art Association session with the same title. She regularly delivers conference papers on the topic. Dr. Bowditch is currently working on “Courbet in Context: Modernity, Morality, and Lingerie.”

Teaching Interests

Full-time Teaching

  • The College of Saint Rose, Albany, New York, 1995-Present
    Full Professor of Art History as of 2014

Adjunct Teaching

  • Pace University, New York, NY, 1991-1995
  • Parsons School of Design / The New School, New York, New York, 1986-1994
  • School of the Visual Arts, New York, New York, 1994
  • Hunter College, New York, NY, Spring 1988 and Summer 1989

Research/Creative Works

Research topics:

  • “Courbet in Context: Modernity, Morality, and Lingerie,” which is an in-depth comparison and contextualization of two paintings and part of a larger project with the working title “Privacy and its Publicity in Light of Lingerie 1751 to 2005: A consideration of 12 Paintings from Europe and the United States,” with an epilogue on the topic as it relates to Japan and China
  • “Rose Kreps: Legacy of Bauhaus Ceramics”
  • “American Symbolism: Aspirations of Edward Steichen 1901”
  • “The Power of the Invisible: Photographic Theories of Eastlake, Emerson, Maeterlinck, and Evans into the 21st Century”
  • “How to teach a History of Photography from the Digital Age to the Present,” with a particular emphasis on phenomenology
  • “Crimes in Art,” as subjects and actual thefts or cultural genocide
  • “Earth, Air, Fire, Water! A History of Art Seen through the Four Elements”