Khalid Mehtabdin

Professor Of Economics


Ph.D.International DevelopmentUniversity Of Pittsburgh
M.A.Economics and Social DevelopmentUniversity Of Pittsburgh
M.A.Public AdministrationUniversity Of Pittsburgh
M.A.EconomicsUniversity Of Punjab-Pakistan
B.A.EconomicsUniversity Of Punjab-Pakistan

Professional Experience

I have taught at Niagara University as an Associate Professor prior to joining Saint Rose. At Saint Rose I play an active role in various committees, organizations, professional associations, and School of Business activities.

Teaching Interests

Global: especially Southeast Asia – Pakistan ,India, Bangladesh, Japan, China

Research/Creative Works

I have written several books, including Reagonomics, Reading in Macro Economics, Forecasting, and a book on comparative management. I have been acknowledged in economics and managerial economics books by various authors in the USA.  He has written several articles in newspapers on various economic topics as well as on Pakistan. He is a frequent speaker on WRPI radio, and has made appearances on TV to discuss the current trends in the US economy.