Jin Kim

Associate Professor


Ph.D.CommunicationsUniversity of Iowa

Professional Experience

A film reviewer/contributor at Kino (a Korean movie website; 1998-2001)

Teaching Interests

My major teaching areas are communication-media theories, research, digital culture, media criticism, global cinema, and the SF/Horror film genre.

Courses taught include:

COM 482: Topics of New Media and Film: Digital Culture and Communications
COM 482: Topics of New Media and Film: Global Cinema
COM 398: Research in Communications
COM 315: Media Criticism
COM 298: Introduction to Communication Theory
COM 222: Film Genre: Science Fiction & Horror

Research/Creative Works

My research interests are critical media studies and communication technologies.

Journal publications:

    • Kim, J. (2012). The institutionalization of YouTube: From user-generated content to professionally generated content. Media, Culture & Society 34(1), 53-67.
    • Kim, J. (2014). Interactivity, user-generated content and video game: An ethnographic study of Animal Crossing: Wild World. Continuum: Journal of Media and Cultural Studies 28(3), 357-370.

Works in progress:

      • Kim, J. (2017). User-generated sex talks on YouTube: Sexuality, ordinariness and interactivity in Kicesie video series.
      • Kim, J. (2017). Reconstructing family and governmentality in a post-apocalyptic drama The Walking Dead.
      • Kim, J. & Grant, R. (2017). Citizen activism and user-generated content on social injustice: Analysis of police brutality videos on YouTube.

Conference papers (Selected):

  • “Otherness, whiteness and double-alienation: Postcolonial globalization in Clare Denis’ films.” Co-Authored with Kristen Vet. New York State Communication Association, Intercultural Communication, Callicoon, New York, 2015
  • “Dialectics of book burning: Technological reproducibility, aura and rebirth in Fahrenheit 451.” Co-Authored with Shannon Mish. AEJMC, Scholar-to-Scholar, San Francisco, California, 2015
  • “Myths of information society: New media discourses in the United States during the 60s and the 70s.” NCA, Rhetoric of Science and Technology, Chicago, Illinois, 2014
  • “Online celebrities, gossips and para-social relationship: Perez Hilton as a virtual opinion leader.” Co-authored with Cassandra Miller. Popular Culture Association, Celebrity Studies, Washington, D.C., 2013
  • “Diasporas in virtual homeland: The role of the Internet in the lives of female Nigerians.” Co-authored with Ayanfeoluwa Olonade. ICA, Intercultural, Phoenix, Arizona, 2012
  • “Celebrity use of Twitter: User co-creation and customization in digital culture.” Co-authored with Julia van Klompenberg. NCA, Communication and the Future, New Orleans, Louisiana, 2011
  • “Construction of surrogate families in the films of Atom Egoyan.” NCA, Communication as Social Construction, San Francisco, California, 2010
  • “Rise and fall of Napster: Peer-to-peer technologies and market suppression.” Midwest Popular Culture Association, Detroit, Michigan, 2009
  • “Creating reality in documentary: Triumph of the Will.” AEJMC, Visual Communication Division, Chicago, Illinois, 2008
  • “Eavesdropping: A fundamental condition of communication.” NCA, Rhetorical and Communication Theory, Chicago, Illinois, 2007
  • “YouTube and publicness: Virtual video library, hybridity, interactivity.” NCA, Communication and the Future, Chicago, Illinois, 2007
  • “Historicizing digital media: Benjamin in the age of digital reproducibility.” NCA, Student, Chicago, Illinois, 2007
  • “Minitel and the development of French information society.” NCA, Scholar to Scholar, San Antonio, Texas, 2006
  • “Lessons from DTV technology standardization process in Europe: Implications for HDTV diffusion in the United States.” NCA, Communication and the Law, Boston, Massachusetts, 2005