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Choose Saint Rose for a Bachelor’s Degree in English: Adolescence Education

As a student in the Bachelor of Arts in English: Adolescence Education program at The College of Saint Rose, you will learn how to share your passion for literature, writing, and performing with new generations of middle school and high school students. English teaching majors add a sequence of education courses to their degree plans that span the history of English studies — from Renaissance drama to the Harlem Renaissance and from medieval poetry to 21st-century literature.

Students find their voices in a variety of small-sized classes taught by accomplished faculty, among them are award-winning poets, scholars, and novelists. Our professors are dedicated teachers who actively involve students in their research and writing projects, creating an ideal environment for students to earn English teaching degrees.

Free on-campus housing

To make the dream of becoming a teacher more affordable

As part of the Build the Teacher Pipeline Initiative aimed at addressing the nationwide teacher shortage, beginning in fall 2023, all new first-year and transfer students who major in our teacher- and special-education bachelor’s degree programs will receive free on-campus housing throughout their time in the residence halls (up to four academic years).

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Start Your Path to Becoming an English Teacher in New York

If becoming a teacher is your calling, completing an English teacher bachelor’s degree is an important first step to becoming a professional educator. The program at Saint Rose prepares its graduates to teach English at the middle and high school levels.

Because the English teaching major includes a stint as a student teacher, students who complete this degree program can acquire valuable classroom experience.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), demand for middle school teachers is expected to grow 7% through the year 2030, while demand for high school teachers is expected to grow 8% over that same period.

Graduates who intend to remain in New York State will be happy to learn that the state pays some of the highest average salaries for teachers. The mean salary for middle school teachers in NY is $94,690, while the mean annual salary for high school teachers is $92,660. These average salary calculations include veteran teachers as well as new recruits, but the numbers are certainly worth noting.

Students who earn an English teacher bachelor’s degree may also choose to go on to a graduate school program to further their education like those offered by Saint Rose. Graduates of the Adolescence Education program have the qualifications to apply to a Master of Science in Education programs at The College of St. Rose or other universities.

Additionally, students may enroll in the Adolescence Education and Special Education Dual Degree program to earn a BA/MSED dual degree. This accomplishment allows individuals to become a secondary or special education teacher in New York.

Program Highlights

  • Students who successfully complete the program will have initial certification to teach English in middle and high schools.
  • Teacher preparation at Saint Rose culminates in a semester of student teaching.
  • We offer minors in Literature, Writing, Film and Digital Media Studies, and Drama. The English/Language Arts Concentration is also an option for Early Childhood, Early Childhood/Special Education, Childhood Education, Childhood Education/Special Education majors.

Course Requirements, Faculty, and Learning Objectives

  • Literary analysis: Students will be able to read literature, literary theory, and literary criticism, moving beyond an understanding of the literal level to interpreting, analyzing, synthesizing, evaluating and working into appropriate context while recognizing conventions that define literary genres.
  • Thesis-writing: Students will be able to present develop, and defend a clear thesis appropriate to the communication task while demonstrating appropriate format, organization, and overall coherence.
  • Research: Students will be able to examine and question research from appropriate sources and to integrate this research into the development and defense of the thesis.
  • Grammar and style: Students will demonstrate correctness in mechanics of grammar, usage, punctuation, and documentation.

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