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Fall 2020 Restart Plan

The College of Saint Rose has announced its restart plan for Fall 2020. Visit the restart plan website for more details and FAQs. View Restart Information

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Dr. Karen McGrath, a professor of communications at the College, coauthored “The Millennial Mindset: Fact from Fiction” with Syracuse University’s Regina Luttrell in 2015. The book and McGrath continue to provide thought leadership to those who want to understand millennial workers’ motivations, values, and behaviors.

Sifting through misconception, myth, and reality, McGrath has been closely studying the youngest generation to enter our workforce. Raised on technology, millennials have grown up in an interconnected, global world, where everything is online. True, they don’t always see eye to eye with older generations when it comes to work habits, deadlines, social conventions, and family arrangements. Although, when have different generations ever agreed upon everything?

Read more about McGrath’s work here.