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Gerald Lorentz, Dean of Arts and HumanitiesWelcome to the School of Arts & Humanities at the College of Saint Rose. Our School is one of diversity, breadth, and creativity, spanning a range of disciplines that give students multiple ways to learn, pursue their passions, and develop their own unique futures. Here you will learn from dedicated faculty experts in small class settings, engage in internships and other experiential opportunities, and develop both specific knowledge and broad skills. An arts and humanities education is an education for a lifetime, preparing you to meet your personal goals, evolve with your career, address societal needs, and live a fulfilled life.

So, what can you do with a degree in the arts and humanities? The quick answer is “anything you want.” There is a general misconception that the arts and humanities are impractical. This false notion can lead students interested in areas like English, or music, or history, to chase an education that will get them a “job” rather than pursue their passion. This type of thinking flies in the face of the reality that arts and humanities graduates do get jobs; more important, they build careers that are just as lucrative as those for students graduating in technical or professional fields.

Unlike many technical areas, the arts and humanities is not an education only for your first job; it is an education for your career. We live in a world in which the jobs of the future don’t even exist today. The arts and humanities develop graduates with the ability to continuously learn, to adapt, to collaborate, to imagine, and to create. These are the skills needed in an economy marked by rapid change, and they are the qualities that companies are looking for in their employees. These are also the skills, of course, that promote an engaged, well-lived, and fulfilled life.

I invite you to explore our programs, check out our faculty, and learn how the School of Arts & Humanities can help you to build your own unique future.

If you have any further questions about majoring, minoring, or taking courses in the Arts & Humanities at Saint Rose, please feel free to reach out at any time.

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