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At Saint Rose, our arts and humanities students engage in thinking about fundamental truths in both disciplinary and interdisciplinary ways. They apply this knowledge in hands-on learning in the classroom and in the community through service learning, internships, and other applied learning opportunities. Our students learn to critically examine their own understanding, to think logically about the issues facing them and their world, and to act in creative and ethical ways.

If you are looking for an education that has meaning and in which you can develop your capacities to help create a better society and a better world, the Arts & Humanities are for you. Disciplines like history, philosophy, literature and the arts provide awareness of the human condition, injustice, and human suffering that supports the growth of social consciousness. The knowledge, skills, and awareness generated by Arts & Humanities learning is essential to a well-ordered and just society. Your education in the Arts & Humanities will not only arm you with awareness, but give you the tools to make a difference as an active member of the community.

“Where your talents and the needs of the world cross, there lies your vocation.” Aristotle

“The best chance we have to maintain a functioning democracy is a citizenry that can tell the difference between demagoguery and responsible arguments.” Andrew Delbanco

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