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Add/Drop and Withdrawal Forms are available on our Forms, Applications and Instructions page. Forms received after the close of business will be processed the next business day.


Students may only add or drop a full-semester course prior to or during the first calendar week of the semester on the web or at the Registrar’s Office. Courses dropped during this period will not show on the student’s academic record. Half-semester, weekend, Immersion and Summer Session courses may be added or dropped according to dates published in the College of Saint Rose academic calendar.

Withdrawing From Courses

Students may withdraw from one or more of their courses according to official deadlines posted in the College of Saint Rose academic calendar. Courses from which a student has withdrawn will be recorded as W. Students who stop attending a course and fail to withdraw from that course will incur an F grade. The procedure to withdraw from a course is initiated at the Registrar’s Office. Prior to withdrawing from a course, students should review policies regulating refunds, full-time status, grading penalty, financial aid, and immigration status. The official withdrawal date is used to determine tuition adjustment, which is calculated on a credit-hour basis according to the Refund Schedule posted on the Academic Calendar.

Withdrawing From The College of Saint Rose

Students who wish to withdraw from all course work at the College of Saint Rose must notify the Dean of their school in writing. The grade W will be recorded for official withdrawals that occur prior to the posted mid-semester deadline. Withdrawals after mid-semester are subject to the grade of F. Students should review policies relating to refunds, grade penalty, financial aid, and immigration status prior to withdrawing from the College. Students receiving financial aid or scholarships must complete the exiting process with the Office of Financial Aid.