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The goal of the ALANA is Leadership Mentoring Program is to pair First Year Students of ALANA (African, Latin, Asian, and Native American) descent with a student mentor/motivational coach that will guide them towards academic, personal and social success on campus.

Through this program students are actively developing a support system, provided with opportunities to network, and are exposed early to the resources the campus has to offer. These are all ingredients which are important for maintaining student success and retention. By participating as a “Mentee” students are able to take the first step in their academic and leadership development process.

Participation in ALANA is Leadership is a year long commitment. Mentees are paired with their Peer Leader (upper classman) during the August Leadership Retreat. Students are paired based on their Academic Major and Common Interests. Mentees must check in EARLY to the Residence Halls and participate in activities and workshops with their Peer Leader.

What Are the Benefits of Being an ALANA is Leadership Mentee?

By joining the ALANA is Leadership Mentoring Program, First Year students achieve access to:

  • Leadership retreats
  • Academic and Career Workshops
  • Professional and Leadership Seminars
  • Internship and Scholarship Information
  • Social Activities
  • Study Groups

What Are the Benefits of Having a Peer Leader?

Peer Leaders assist ALANA is Leadership Mentees by:

  • Introducing you to other students.
  • Showing you around campus.
  • Providing information about the services and resources on campus.
  • Explaining the college experience.
  • Exposing you to new clubs and various social activities on and off campus.
  • Encouraging you to develop successful study and time management skills.
  • Being a friend and ally whom you can rely on for assistance.