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Let me begin with a message from and a link to Charter Communications. Charter has announced free access to Spectrum Broadband and Wi-Fi for 60 days for college students’ households. Click here for more information:

Earlier today you received information from Student Development about how to access services for counseling, health services, tutoring/study clusters, and the Writing Center. I encourage you to make use of these services during the next two weeks. Below you will find information about continued services from the Academic Advising Office, Library, and Registrar’s Office.

Students with documented disabilities should contact Lynn Cantwell, Director of Services to Students with Disabilities, at for assistance.

Academic Advising Office:

Even though classes will be online from Monday, March 16th- March 27th, the Office of Academic Advising will remain fully operational. They will have limited in person contact, though, as they will be conducting most of their work remotely. Please continue to use the normal channels of communication as outlined below during normal business hours 8:00-4:30 Monday-Friday:

Main Advisement Email:
Main Advisement Phone: 518-454-5217
Director of Academic Advising: Jennifer Hankin- or 518-454-2852
Associate Director of Academic Advising: Ashton Darrett- or 518-458-5402
Academic Counselor: Jenny Soudachanh- or 518-485-3948

Any change of major/concentration requests should be sent by email to one of the accounts listed above. Exploratory and Interdepartmental Studies students will receive an email from their advisor about Advisement Day and preparing for summer and fall course registration. All remaining pre-advising appointments scheduled for the week of March 16th-March 20th will be held over the phone.


While the Neil Hellman Library is observing limited access to facilities, we are providing online and remote assistance to help your research needs. You can contact librarians at our normal hours by
· E-mailing us at
· By chatting with us at
· By texting us at 518-336-5277

After these hours, the chatbox will still work, but librarians from across the world will be staffing it. No this isn’t new, this is what we do, tell us how it works for you!

Interlibrary loan will be available, kind of. Essentially we will not be shipping or receiving print books, that part is shut down. But for full-text articles and chapters, we’re still on the case. You can make these requests at: For those of you who’ve never used it, this is how we can get you materials from other academic libraries around the world – for the things we don’t have, they might. Create an account, click the request article button, fill in what you can and we will find it and get it to you via e-mail.

Some other things we’re doing in the interim:
Library books: We’re waving fines and fees for these two weeks so if you need them, keep them.
Interlibrary loan books: Hang on to these too, we’ll eat late fees and fines for you here as well. Just bring them back as soon as you can once we’re back to normal operations.
Access to Curriculum Library will be limited and by appointment only – contact them at

Registrar’s Office:

The Office of the Registrar will plan to continue services to our College Community while the campus has limited access and instruction continues online. Here is an update to our available services while online:

· Summer 2020 and Fall 2020 registration is still scheduled to take place with Undergraduate students beginning on April 6th and Graduate students on April 14th. Course Offerings are now available and registration emails will be sent to students early next week
· Transcripts will be available only through our online ordering service and will have an estimated processing time of up to seven business days depending on mail services. NO overnight or in person pick up will be available.
· Any forms or certifications that need processing can be sent to and we will be responding as necessary and in the order they are received. Any emails need to be sent through the email accounts.
· Any requests for updates to student records can be submitted to or to the appropriate staff member for processing.

I want to assure you that the faculty, staff, and administrators at the College are working tirelessly to ensure you have a high-quality learning experience over the next two weeks.


Steve Ralston