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How do I become a member of the Fitness Center?

An orientation is required in securing a membership to the Fitness Center. This orientation is administered at your freshman orientation. If you are a transfer student, or did not receive a freshman orientation, the attendant on duty can orientate you. Upon receiving your orientation you may access a link to the Indemnification Agreement on this page.

The completion of the Indemnification Agreement (waiver &  release) certifies your status as a Fitness Center member. Upon the swipe of your card, the system will then reflect your clearance to access the facility. The Swipe Card System is to insure that our facility is accessed only by those who are privileged to do so.

How to sign the Fitness Center Waiver & Release

  1. log onto ( then
  2. Login to Secure Area which will bring you to the
  3. User Login Page (login to secure site with your user ID and Pin)
  4. click on the “Personal Information” tab, then
  5. click on the “Training Certification, Health Certification and Waiver and Release” link.
  6. This will display the terms of the Release and a button at the end of the document that reads “I accept”. When you “accept”, it will store the date and validate your usage of the Fitness Center.

It is important to note that until these steps are completed, your I.D. card (although valid in other areas of the campus) will be rendered “INVALID” when swiped at the Fitness Center.

Other Rules and Regulations:

  1. No Card/No Access Policy
  2. Please do not enter the Fitness Center without an I.D. Card.  Doing so with the intent of requesting access from the attendant will subject you to a mandatory 30 day suspension.  Entering the Fitness Center with the intent to plead with or cajole the Fitness Center Attendant for entry will be considered harassment.This rule applies to athletic teams arriving for team training as well.  Fitness Center Desk Attendants are instructed to report all violations.
  3. Locked Fitness Center equipment requires the Member to request a key from the Desk Attendant.  The Member must leave their I.D. Card with the Attendant to receive the key.  When the equipment is replaced, the key is returned to the Attendant; the Member’s I.D. Card will be returned at that time.
  4. Fitness Center Attendants must be treated with respect.
  5. Foul language will not be tolerated.
  6. No open toed sandals in free weight area.
  7. No photography or video recording allowed in the Fitness Center without permission from Fitness Center Coordinator or the Office of Student Development.
  8. Please report any injuries sustained in the Fitness Center to the Desk Attendant.
  9. No work boots.
  10. No hand chalk.
  11. Chewing tobacco is prohibited.
  12. Notify Attendant immediately if any equipment is damaged or working improperly.
  13. Please do not play your music without headphones or have your music loud enough that others can hear your music through your headphones.
  14. Equipment that is brought into the hallway, stairwell, or mezzanine, is limited to dumbbells or plates (not to exceed 25lbs), exercise mats, and medicine balls.  Weight bars must remain in the Fitness Center.  Leave your I.D. Card with the Desk Attendant before removing equipment from the Fitness Center.  It will be returned to you when you present the equipment you removed to the Desk Attendant.
  15. Exercise mats should be wiped down, rolled up tightly and returned to place after use.
  16. Do not lean weight bars against the wall, place them in the receptacles provided.
  17. Do not leave dumbbells or barbells resting on the surface of a bench or platform unless you are actively engaged in exercise.
  18. Plates must be racked according to color and weight.
  19. Do not allow dumbbells, barbells, or weight machine stacks to slam down.  Be advised that you may be unaware you are slamming weights if your headphones are at a high volume.
  20. For safety reasons, “bailing out” of Olympic lifts is not allowed within the confines of this space.  When performing Olympic lifts, keep your weight training weight and reps at a manageable level to avoid the need to “bail”.
  21. The squat racks are reserved for exercises that require a rack.  The spaces within the racks are NOT to be used for barbell curls, rows, landmines, dumbbell movements, etc.
  22. Athletic teams may reserve squat racks for their team or small group lifts.  Please yield the squat racks if a team arrives for their Team Lift.
  23. When a staff member, identifying themselves as a member of the Athletic Training Staff, arrives with a rehabilitating student-athlete, they may request you to yield the equipment you are using.
  24. Sweatshirts, t-shirts, backpacks, and jackets are to be placed outside the Fitness Center in a locker or on hooks provided.
  25. Please keep valuables with the desk attendant if you do not have a lock.  You may place your valuables in the Fitness Center desk drawers.
  26. Fitness Center Membership may not be extended to family or friends or students, faculty, administration or staff.  (*Special considerations must be submitted in writing at least one week in advance to be reviewed by Student Development.)
  27. Fitness Center Members may not train with open uncovered wounds, an elevated body temperature or flu-like symptoms* (please do not expectorate into garbage receptacles or water fountain).
  28. The Fitness Center has a No Guest Policy.
  29. The College of Saint Rose Fitness Center reserves the right to suspend or terminate a membership.

Any individual who does not follow these policies and regulations may be in violation of College policies as outlined in the Student Handbook.