Why Choose Saint Rose for Early Childhood Education?

The College of Saint Rose in Albany, New York, is the only institution of higher education in the Capital Region that offers a master’s degree in early childhood education.

Earning this degree helps early childhood educators gain flexibility in their current positions and expand their job opportunities. Graduates of the Saint Rose master’s program in early childhood education are qualified for leadership roles in early childhood education. This program is designed for students who do not hold initial certification in Early Childhood Education, and it provides the education course work required for initial and professional certification for teaching in birth through grade 2 in New York State and reciprocal states.

Program Highlights

Consistent with the Conceptual Framework of the School of Education of The College of Saint Rose, graduates of the Early Childhood Education programs demonstrate:

  • A functional understanding of learning theory and child growth and development
  • Knowledge of developmentally appropriate curriculum for early childhood education
  • Ability to structure a humanistic, child-centered, inclusive classroom environment
  • Planning, instruction, and evaluation consistent with the diagnosed strengths and needs of children
  • Appropriate attention to needs of exceptional children
  • Responsiveness to the characteristics of children that reflect their cultural, socio-economic, and personal histories
  • Ability to work collaboratively with parents, other school personnel and community resources
  • Professionalism, accountability, effective interpersonal skills and knowledge of the roles of teachers in the schools and schools in society
  • Ability to integrate a variety of technological methods and programs to enhance student learning and practitioner effectiveness

Requirements and Course Descriptions

Master of Science in Early Childhood Education