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bachelor's degree in biology students working in lab

Why Choose Saint Rose for a Bachelor's Degree in Biology?

For students looking to major in biology the Bachelor of Science in Biology curriculum at Saint Rose provides a thorough grounding in modern biology from the molecular to the organism level.

Students are prepared for laboratory work, research, teaching, medical school, veterinary school, allied health professions such as physical therapist or physician’s assistant, or graduate study. After completing introductory courses, students choose one of two tracks. A concentration in Cell and Molecular Biology prepares students for careers or graduate study in medical-related fields, biochemistry, molecular and cell biology, microbiology, genetics, animal biology, and other areas. The Ecology/Environmental Science concentration offers students a more field-oriented degree that emphasizes how organisms interact with their environment.

The Science faculty at Saint Rose is deeply committed to the success of our students. Our faculty teach both lecture and lab, increasing contact hours between students and faculty. We offer research opportunities, both on campus at Saint Rose and in surrounding labs of the Capital District. Saint Rose gives researchers many opportunities to excel. We support student travel to conferences to present research, award summer research grants to undergraduates, publish an annual Undergraduate Research Journal, and hold an all-College undergraduate research symposium each spring.

A very active student-run science club (Natural Science Association, NSA) provides students interested in science with an opportunity to participate in science activities during weekly meetings. The Doctors’ Guild, our alumni organization, provides a network to exchange information, connect with alumni and faculty, and foster professional contacts.

Program Highlights

  • Two different concentration options allow students to specialize in cell and molecular biology or ecology/environmental science.
  • Various options for conducting undergraduate research on campus with Saint Rose faculty or off-campus in a credit-bearing internship at locations around the Capital District.
  • Opportunity to publish research in the Journal of Undergraduate Research and present research at the Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium.
  • Articulation agreements with physical therapy, nutrition, and occupational therapy programs.

Alumni Profile