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Saint Rose President Carolyn J. Stefanco with female Saint Rose students

Earlier this year, President Carolyn J. Stefanco was awarded a Helen Gurley Brown Genius Grant, and Saint Rose was invited to join the BOLD Women’s Leadership Network by the Pussycat Foundation, an organization founded by journalist Helen Gurley Brown and named after her favored term of endearment. The award includes more than $1 million in funding for a program that will benefit women student leaders at Saint Rose over the next few years.

The funding is intended to empower a diverse group of young women leaders enrolled at a select group of institutions of higher education to address important issues in their communities. Students selected as BOLD Scholars at Saint Rose will take a noncredit women’s leadership course, be exposed to a multitude of leadership development opportunities, and be able to participate in international, national, or regional internships and/or fellowships that match their fields of study.

The BOLD scholarship package will provide significant financial assistance with tuition, room, and board expenses, alleviating a major source of expense for the scholars, enabling them to focus on their education, leadership development, and career launch. Funding for internships and post-graduation fellowships for active participants are also part of the BOLD program. The selection process to identify the inaugural group of BOLD scholars is in process and will be completed by the end of the Fall semester.

Read about BOLD at Saint Rose on our BOLD website.