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With beaming smiles and resounding cheers, the Class of 2024 walked across the stage at the MVP Arena in Albany on Saturday, May 11. This day marked an important milestone not just for the graduates, but for the entire Saint Rose College community. Over 600 undergraduate and graduate degrees and certificates were awarded, a testament to the collective effort and support that has brought us all here. Loved ones in the venue and those watching the livestream celebrated this achievement together, highlighting the shared pride and joy felt by all.

Laura Isabela Uribe, a shining example of the Class of 2024’s resilience and determination, served as the president of the Student Association and is also a BOLD Women’s Leadership Network Scholar. In her motivating commencement speech, delivered in both English and Spanish, she encouraged her fellow graduates not to fear the unknown future. She emphasized that life often takes unexpected turns and to cherish the present moment. With a bachelor’s degree in Social Work, double minors in Sociology and Public Health, and a certificate in Spanish-to-English translation, Laura intends to work as a bilingual case aide. Additionally, she plans to pursue her Clinical MSW Advanced Standing Degree at The State University of Albany, a testament to her unwavering commitment to her field and her future.

Director of Spiritual Life Joan Horgan delivered a heartfelt speech, praising the Class of 2024 for their resilience, determination, and unwavering support for their community. She reminded everyone that the spirit of Saint Rose will endure through their commitment, saying, “It’s as if there were only 50,000 tickets to the incredible concert called the College of Saint Rose, and you secured one of those tickets before they sold out! You had the privilege of meeting these remarkable individuals, being educated by these exceptional professors, and having these unforgettable experiences.”The College honored the tragic loss of a Class of 2024 member by awarding a posthumous degree during the ceremony. Heather Cook’s family, a business major, graciously accepted the degree. Her husband, Dr. Warren Cook, who served as an assistant professor of management at the Huether School of Business, represented Heather.

It’s not just the diplomas in hand but the memories and bonds forged over years of hard work and dedication that will forever linger in the hearts of this graduating class. With dreams in their eyes and determination in their hearts, the Class of 2024 embarks on a new chapter filled with promise and potential. As they step out into the world, armed with knowledge, experiences, and a network of support, they will carry with them the special legacy of the College of Saint Rose.