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Dr. Margaret McLane, Carondelet Medal Recipient

Margaret T. McLane, Ph.D., Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Throughout her three-decade career at The College of Saint Rose, Dr. Margaret McLane has served the College in almost every capacity: as a faculty member, department chair, dean of the School of Education, Institutional Strategist, Associate Provost for Graduate and Continuing Education, Interim Provost, and currently as Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. McLane holds degrees from Mount St. Mary College, The College of Saint Rose, and earned her Ph.D. at the State University of New York at Albany.

As provost, McLane oversees the College’s academic programs with unparalleled respect from faculty, staff, accreditors, colleagues in higher education, and community partners. Her years of experience and knowledge of best practices have ensured that our degree programs exceed academically rigorous standards of excellence. She is committed to ensuring that we deliver an education with “the Saint Rose difference,” in alignment with our core mission and the founding values of the College. McLane is at her core an educator.

A certified teacher of special education with countless hours of classroom instructional time on her resume, McLane holds dear the most basic principles of education and expertly applies them to her leadership. With clarity of vision and purpose, McLane negotiates with caring patience, while quietly but determinedly setting her sights on the desired outcome.

McLane was pivotal to the growth and development of the College’s academic programs, fostering innovative curriculum based on assessment of needs and student learning outcomes. For her steadfast dedication and commitment to seeing Saint Rose through the uniquely challenging years of the pandemic, McLane was honored in 2022 with the President’s Excellence Award.

McLane’s leadership style is the embodiment of servant leadership. Her entire Saint Rose career has been dedicated to achieving the greater good, serving all the members of the Saint Rose community to reach the best possible outcomes, most especially for our students. More than once, McLane stepped into leadership positions at challenging times, even as it has meant both personal and professional sacrifice, because she felt called to serve that greater good.

McLane achieves success without fanfare. When she wins, it’s a win for all. It is never a triumph over someone else but rather a joint celebration. Even as McLane accepts The Carondelet Medal, the College’s highest honor, she does so on behalf of those she serves.