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Jennifer Suriano

Throughout the semester, we’re introducing our new additions to the Saint Rose faculty.

Jennifer Suriano

Title: Assistant professor of teacher education

Previous position: Assistant professor of teacher education, Wells College

Education: Ed.D., curriculum and instruction, University of Virginia

Teaching: Teacher education, adolescence education, curriculum and instruction
Academic specialty: curriculum and instruction, place-based education

Where are you from and how did you become interested in education?

Guilderland, New York. I have wanted to be a teacher since I was in the third grade. Being able to communicate effectively, but also artistically, and to understand language as a way to understand the world drove me to pursue teaching English at the secondary level.

I continued my education to earn my doctorate and work in teacher education so that I could work to understand education more broadly and at different levels.

This work allows me to study teaching and learning, work with current teachers, future teachers, and K-12 learners. It also provides me opportunities to learn something new every day.

Please tell us about your own academic scholarship.

I study teaching and learning, more specifically how instruction is designed and teachers can be prepared to most effectively benefit learners. I have worked most recently to understand the benefits of place-based education for secondary learners. In turn, I study and develop methods for preparing teachers to design and implement place-based methods.

How will you use your work to strengthen the experience here at Saint Rose?

Saint Rose students will come away from courses with an understanding of best practices and tools to express their passions. I will work with Saint Rose alums and local educators to provide resources through Saint Rose. I look forward to working with faculty across the campus to ensure high-quality instruction for students and fulfilled teachers.

Why is teacher education particularly important for students these days – whether or not they major in it?

Educators determine clear outcomes they wish to reach and design instruction for a range of abilities, interests, and backgrounds. They systematically assess whether goals are being met and make constant adjustments when necessary. To be able to effectively meet objectives, understand all kinds of people and their needs, and interpret data are relevant skills for everyone.

What drew you to Saint Rose?
Saint Rose has a great reputation for preparing teachers. It was a household name growing up, and I want to help prepare educators who are fulfilled in their profession and effectively challenge and support developing learners.

What hobby or interest will you pursue outside the classroom?

I enjoy walking with my dogs and family. I want to get back into playing soccer.