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The following message was sent to students today (October 6, 2021) by Amanda Bastiani, Title IX coordinator and director of prevention education and response:

The College is aware of social media and online posts regarding alleged student conduct that would fall under Title IX. As a matter of regular procedure, as the Title IX coordinator, I follow up on social media and online activity I am aware of that could potentially relate to a Title IX incident. I am following our policies and procedures, which are consistent with federal and state law. The College of Saint Rose is committed to fostering and maintaining a safe environment for all of its students.

We have made reporting accessible in multiple ways for those who may have experienced violence or harassment. Please note that posting allegations on social media is not a formal complaint. There are several ways to report a Title IX incident, and they are outlined in the Title IX area of our website. Anyone with knowledge of an incident that falls under Title IX can and should utilize these reporting mechanisms. There are also a number of resources available for those who have experienced or witnessed sexual assault, stalking, or dating violence. In addition to on-campus resources, we have partnered with community agencies and local law enforcement to provide education to the campus community, advocacy for victims of violence, and when possible, prosecution of perpetrators of violent crimes against others.

Amanda Bastiani
Title IX Coordinator and Director of Prevention Education and Response