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April 26, 2017 — The College of Saint Rose today honored faculty who reached service milestones, announced retirement, and received promotions of rank and tenure.

25 Year Awards

Faculty Awards and Promtions 2017

(L-R) Dr. Claire Ziamandanis, Dr. David DeBonis, Dr. Susan Deluke, Dr. Stephen Birchak, Dr. Ann Neilson

  • Stephen J. Birchak, Ph.D., professor of counseling;
  • David DeBonis, Ph.D., professor of communication disorders;
  • Susan Deluke, Ph.D., associate professor of special education;
  • Ann Neilson, D.P.E., assistant professor of physical education;
  • Claire Ziamandanis, Ph.D., professor of Spanish.

Faculty Retirements

Faculty Awards and Promotions 2017

(L-R) Dr. Katherine Voegtle, Dr. Marguerite Lodico, Dr. Esther Murillo-Miklic, Dr. James Allen, Dr. Maria Fast

  • James Allen, Ph.D., professor of educational psychology;
  • James Burns, Ph.D., professor of special education;
  • Eric Eslinger, Ph.D., professor of earth science;
  • Maria Fast, Ph.D., associate professor of school psychology;
  • Nancy Lawson, Ph.D., associate professor of computer information systems;
  • Marguerite Lodico, Ph.D., professor of educational psychology;
  • Esther Murillo-Miklic, Ph.D., associate professor of Spanish;
  • Travis Plowman, Ph.D., associate professor of educational technology;
  • Irene Rosenthal, Ph.D., associate professor of literacy;
  • Katherine Voegtle, Ph.D., professor of educational psychology.

Promotions and Tenure

Promoted to Professor

Faculty Awards and Promtions 2017

(L-R) Dr. Stephanie Bennett-Knapp, Dr. Claudia Lingertat-Putnam

  • Stephanie Bennett-Knapp, Ph.D., sociology;
  • Claudia Lingertat-Putnam, Psy.D., counseling.

Awarded Tenure

  • Susan Meyer, M.F.A., art foundations

Awarded Tenure and Promoted to Associate Professor

  • Sara Alvaro, Ph.D., chemistry;
  • Brad Bauer, Ph.D., physical chemistry;
  • Alfred Chapleau, J.D., criminal justice, behavior and law;
  • Christa Deno, Ph.D., mathematics;
  • Anne Hobday, M.F.A., graphic design;
  • Frances Ihle, Ph.D., special education and literacy;
  • Jin Kim; Ph.D., communications;
  • Sean McClowry, Ph.D., music industry;
  • Maureen Rotondi, M.S.W., social work;
  • Chris St. Cyr, M.F.A., graphic design;
  • Sherwood Wise, D.M., music;
  • Dandan Wu, Ph.D., finance.

Awarded Professor Emeritus

  • Fred Antico, Ph.D.;
  • Catherine Cavanaugh, Ph.D.;
  • Willard Washburn, Ph.D.


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