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Sharroia Armstead ’18
Sharroia Armstead ’18
Fourth-grade special education teacher for the New York City Department of Education working in Brooklyn, New York

At Saint Rose, Armstead said she saw the emphasis on the importance of community. And today, as a classroom teacher, she thrives on creating a strong and positive community in her classroom. Having long had a passion for working with kids, she wants to be the teacher that students remember after they’ve left her classroom.

What do you love about your work?
I love supporting my students by providing them with the tools to succeed. I really enjoy seeing my students have that “aha” moment when they finally understand the concept. Additionally, I love forming relationships with my kids. It is always touching to see my students the following year in the hallways as they scream my name and express how much they miss me.

You’re a young teacher, and a lot of young people aren’t even considering the field anymore because they think it’s too hard. What would you say to them?
I know that this may sound cliché, but teaching is a challenging yet rewarding career. As of now, the world is focusing on the difficulties that teachers and students are facing as we transition back into the classroom. However, the media is not focusing on the growth students have still been able to accomplish throughout this pandemic. We need more teachers that are passionate about working with our children. Through this pandemic, we have seen teachers do the unimaginable just to get our children to learn and stay on track. I think we need more driven teachers inside of our school system.

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