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Suman Ghauri G’13
Suman Ghauri G’13
Special education teacher for adult learners at The Wildwood School in Latham, New York

Ghauri’s students were hit hardest by the pandemic, especially when her population of learners with disabilities, often severe, received instruction virtually in the early part of the pandemic. But she and her fellow teachers rose to the occasion, utilizing technology like Boom Cards, which allow students to learn through interactive games, and meeting up at parks during the summer for critical face-to-face engagement.

What brought you into the field of education and to Saint Rose?
I came into the field because I had strong teacher role models growing up in my educational career. And then also, I have some family members who are educators, and they kind of inspired me to enter the field.

I wanted to join Saint Rose because I felt fortunate enough that I was living so close to a college that is known for their teaching and their school of education. I just took the opportunity right when I had the chance.

What was your early career like?
My first exposure to special ed, and specifically in the field of autism, was here at Wildwood. And that was as a master’s student. And I was working as a teacher. And then, once I graduated, I moved to Phoenix. That’s where I had my first job. And that’s where I was exposed to other areas of autism and other learning disabilities. And then I came back to the area after I had my family, and now I’m here. Having those different experiences is helpful and just having an overall comprehensive methodology in teaching because, of course, no two learners are the same.

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