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RoseMarie Manory '56

RoseMarie Manory ’56 was an alum and former history professor, who made a special contribution when she published her book, “Of Glory, Of Praise: A 75-Year History of The College of Saint Rose.” The “about the author” in her book said that “The most intriguing aspect of writing ‘Of Glory, Of Praise’ was the opportunity to combine her love of history and writing in one project. Creating a history of The College of Saint Rose, both a place and an ambiance in her life, was, therefore, not just a challenge, but also a treasured experience.” Manory passed away in 2018, but her legacy lives on.

Of glory, of praise - A 75-year history of The College of Saint Rose - RoseMarie Manory '56

“Of Glory, Of Praise: A 75-Year History of The College of Saint Rose.” authored by RoseMarie Manory ’56

Here are eight things to know about Manory:

  1. She commuted to Saint Rose on the United Traction bus from Troy every day until her senior year.
  2. Manory, who majored in social studies and minored in English at Saint Rose, also wrote for the Rosaverian (one of the student newspaper’s many names over the years) for four years, the last two as editor.
  3. She started as a teacher at Fonda-Fultonville Central School in 1956 and later taught at Troy High School and as a College. She joined the faculty at Saint Rose in 1969.
  4. Manory achieved the rank of associate professor of history, but she preferred to be called a “teacher.”
  5. Manory retired in 1996. In 2008, she received the Carondelet Lifetime Achievement Award from the College. (In 1990, Manory was the recipient of the Thomas A. Manion Distinguished Faculty Award.)
  6. She studied abroad at the American University in Rome, Italy, and participated in a seminar study program in Moscow.
  7. Her family, including her two sons, grandchildren, and Anthony, her husband of 43 years, was very important to her. Her book dedication read “for Mama and Papa who treasured learning, wisdom and truth, and who encouraged all their children to pursue those marvelous intangibles with a keen sense of appreciation, with dedication and with a fullness of joy in seeking to know.”\In her book’s acknowledgments, Manory extended her gratitude to Sister Rosaleen Gilroy, CSJ, ’24, who wrote “The History of The College of Saint Rose.” Gilroy and Sister Elizabeth Varley, CSJ, ’38, wrote the foreword and preface for “Of Glory, Of Praise.”

– By Kaila Hall ’18

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