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One Heart

Preparing students to change the world and nourishing their souls as well as their minds, reaching out to help others, taking on the big issues of the day, and building community among individuals from all walks of life: These are the values that have guided the Saint Rose community over the last century.

Our community has distributed clothing to needy children, helped neighbors who fell on hard times, embraced newcomers from other countries and students on the G.I. Bill, won national scholarship competitions, and rallied for peace.

As Saint Rose enters its second century, these enduring values burn bright in its students, faculty, administrators and staff, and alumni, sending generation after generation forth to make the world a better place. We asked members of our Saint Rose community what they believe defines the College.

Doris Bedell ’60, G’75
Retired Albany City School
District administrator

Upon entering Saint Rose in the ’50s, I was immediately struck by how much the idea of giving back permeated the whole campus. All these years later, I become quite moved when I see the students boarding a bus on their spring break and traveling to fulfill a need of those less fortunate elsewhere.

Or when I sit in a meeting and I hear talk about when the Saint Rose students are coming to help them out.

Saint Rose has changed considerably since I was there, but one thing that has not changed — except perhaps it has grown — is the idea of giving back to one’s local community and the broader world.

Sister Anne Lawrence Clark, CSJ, ’59, G’66 Former Saint Rose Vice President of Academic Affairs and Provost (among many other leadership roles during her 31 years at Saint Rose)

I always had Saint Rose in my soul – everything I did, I did because I thought it would bring people not only to Saint Rose, but to God. I think, for most of us, that was what was in our hearts. Anything that we did was because we thought it was bringing someone closer to the Lord and to each other. People are still out there swinging the bat for Saint Rose, making sure that the things we taught them are active in their hearts and lives.

American FlagCol. Marty Dinan ’86 Director of veteran enrollment at Saint Rose (U.S. Army, ret.)
Saint Rose has continued to uphold its tradition of taking great care of a diverse U.S. veteran population and journeying with them and their families as they search for the best version
of themselves.

Patrick Filien ’93
Athletic director and head basketball coach, Bryant & Stratton College, Albany

Saint Rose continues to uphold its founding values by maintaining the quality of the education without sacrificing those who are the core of the institution – the students. The close-knit feel, both in and out of the classroom, fosters a sense of connectedness that allows the students to grow and learn, not just about their chosen field of study, but about who they are as individuals and the world that they’re going to help mold in the future.

I was recruited by (Retired Men’s Basketball Coach) Brian Beaury ’83, a Saint Rose grad himself, who shared all the wonderful virtues of the College with me throughout the process. When I decided to enroll – one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life – the selflessness, warmth, and caring atmosphere was exactly as he had described, and it made my experience memorable and unforgettable.

Catherine Guevara
Administrative secretary

My first experience at Saint Rose was taking weekly piano lessons from a music student in the mid ’70s.

When I returned to Saint Rose to work in the Lally School of Education 10 years ago, I took advantage of the excellent programs offered to make my own son’s life richer: Speech services through the Emery Center, literacy tutoring and the Friday Knights social skills group. where my son found his first friend. Definitely HOME for my family.

Karen Haag
Associate athletic director

It is so difficult to put into words what Saint Rose means to me. When I interviewed here 20 years ago, I wasn’t looking for a job, but came to take a look around for the experience. At that time, most of our beautiful newer buildings and facilities were not built yet; there were no “bells and whistles.”

What I encountered was a caring community of people fully invested in, and dedicated to, the mission of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet. Our community’s commitment to “serve thy dear neighbor” has remained a constant over my 19 years at Saint Rose. I am so proud to be part of this inclusive and progressive community, founded by some brave and incredible women with a vision in 1920.

Sister Joan Harrington, CSJ, ’66

I hope the College will continue the spirit they got in the very beginning. So many wonderful women who had the courage to start: all the sisters that taught at the College, Sister Rose Regina and others, the love for the College that has never stopped. It has a wonderful spirit of caring and learning.

Sister Mary Anne Heenan, CSJ, ’68
Member and past chair of the Saint Rose Board of Trustees

As we move toward the centennial, we stand on the shoulders of giants, as we look back at history and people who shaped the College up to now. I think there is a lot of excitement that says, “Look what we accomplished, and look at what we can accomplish.”

Hai Ling ’93
Co-President of Asia Pacific at Mastercard

Against the global backdrop of COVID-19 and the current racial tension in the U.S., we can easily default to a natural tendency to shut our doors and be suspicious of anyone who looks different to us. But this is a time to actively resist and overcome these tendencies. My hope is that The College of Saint Rose community will stand strong on its founding values, such as diversity, compassion, decency, and care for the whole person. The College taught me these values, and over the years, having incorporated them deeply into my life, I can attest to how powerfully they have served and shaped me.

We have all experienced the love, kindness, and decency of a family member, a friend, a mentor, or simply another human being. Believe me, that is the norm and commonality no matter where you go in the world and is the central reason why our societies and civilizations thrive. Today, I am tremendously encouraged to see the new leadership of the College and our community lead with these time-honored values in spite of all the seemingly insurmountable challenges around us. I am confident that we will be able to weather the storms and emerge as an even stronger community.

Joan Horgan ’79
Director of spiritual life and interfaith initiatives

I would have to say I see it most clearly in the work of so many faculty, administrators, staff, and alums, who keep considering who needs better access to higher education and the specific type of higher education that The College of Saint Rose can provide. For our founders, that response was to make sure women would receive an education for the whole person that would see not just to their minds, but to their hearts and spirits as well. This education would prepare them to make a contribution to the world around them.

I think today, the College continues to search for those who have had limited access to higher education and the supports needed to achieve success and provide access to this very important opportunity. The specific gift that Saint Rose brings to this offering is the community in which this education occurs; one that is rooted in the values of the Sisters of St. Joseph, especially with the many ways we attend to the needs of “the dear neighbors” all around us locally, nationally, and globally.

Dr. Ian MacDonald
Dean, School of Mathematics and Sciences

When I think of the Saint Rose community, the first word that comes to mind is “family.” We truly care for thy dear neighbor, and when challenges arise, we support each other. Our Saint Rose family fosters an inclusive learning environment, where we educate the whole person, while striving for academic excellence.

Sharon Maneri ’64, G’69 Past President of Schenectady Chapter of The College of Saint Rose Alumni Association
As a member of the Class of 1964 who started at the College in the fall of 1960, I have spent 60 years with the College and alumni organizations, interacting with students, parents of students, alumni, faculty, administration, and friends of the College.

In all these years, the basic values of the founding Sisters of St. Joseph have been instilled in all who have passed through these halls — the importance of faith, integrity, ethics and service — and have been evident in all I have had contact with, including current students and recent grads. May Saint Rose continue in the next 100 years and beyond to foster these traits in all their students as they become leaders in making our world a better place.

Steven Stella
Director of safety and security

Sister Theresa Wysolmerski often said, “Our College community needs to know that they are loved, revered, and someday will be honored by God.” I believe that Saint Rose is continuing its quest to live up to her ideals.

Mishal Tarik ’21
President of Spectrum (2020-2021)

When I didn’t have a place to call home, Saint Rose welcomed me with open arms, where I found a home through my education, peers, and life on campus.

Saint Rose continues to uphold its founding values by the people, the atmosphere, and the way individuals are able to treat each other in such a way that makes you feel right at home. Everyone is so supportive and encouraging of one another. Saint Rose is home of influential future leaders who can change the world.

Jesús Valbuena Garcia ’93
Marketing professional, documentary filmmaker, Madrid, Spain

Putting the person first means that everyone deserves to be seen and treated as an individual, so that nobody becomes a small fish in a big pond. That sense of belonging to the community is what differentiates Saint Rose and makes it unique, personal, and untransferable, like each one of its members. We, the alumni, are extensions of that centenary-but-still-young spirit.

microphoneSister Mary Anne Nelson, CSJ, ’72
Associate professor of music industry, founder of the Music Industry program
The words of Serj Tankian, “Music has the ability to inspire people and to change hearts, and the heart has the power to change the mind, and the mind has the power to change the world,” inspired my work to make popular music the basis for the music industry major at Saint Rose. The thought, expression, and courage my students share in their song lyrics and live performance give me hope for the future.

Waheera Mardah ’16
Senior project manager, New York City Economic Development Corp.

Saint Rose is continuing to uphold its founding values by investing in spaces for the diverse student community to explore and create the things most relevant to them. These spaces are critical in ensuring that students thrive in an environment that they feel most comfortable in, while also having the room to learn more about the world and their neighbors.

Mike D’Attilio
Executive director of government and community affairs

Over the past century, dedicated faculty and committed staff have been passionate about serving as a constant source of support for our diverse student population of all ages, our Pine Hills neighbors, and the greater community at large. I am so proud to have joined those ranks as both an undergraduate and graduate faculty member and administrator. Our combined investment in education and our community has been a driving force in upholding the mission and vision of Saint Rose. As one example, consider the numerous specialty programs, diverse services and outreach we provide to children, their parents, and teachers as we strive to live
up to our founders’ dear neighbor approach.

By Irene Kim

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