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December 16 through January 10

Classes are offered online.

Bonus! Receive a 25% discount on winter session courses for a final cost per credit of $446.

You can register at the same time you enroll in spring semester courses. Talk to your advisor if you have questions.

A full list of courses, dates, and times can be found in the Course Catalog.

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Undergraduate Courses

BUS 246Organizational Behavior3Brown, Haidy
BUS 247Introduction to Sport Management3Hwang, Jaeyeon
BUS 280Business Statistics4Lucarelli, Chris
CJS 239Juvenile Delinquency3Lane, Christina
COM 105Introduction to Mass Media3Congdon, Mark
COM 222Film Genre: Sci Fi & Fantasy3Kim, Jin
CSC 111Intro Computer Science3Milnovich, Brandon
CSC 104Education Computing3Paige, Christine
ECO 206Principles of Microeconomics3Murray, Charles
ENG 251Flash Nonfiction and Prose Poetry4Nester, Daniel
ENG 260Early Shakespeare4Sperry, Eileen
PED 127Wellness on the Go3Neilson, Ann
SOC 111Introduction to Sociology3Bennett-Knapp, Stephanie
SWK 452Family Dynamics3Rotondi, Maureen