At Saint Rose, the Studio Art curriculum runs the gamut from a rigorous first-year Foundation Experience through a sequence of studio courses to a senior seminar that delves into the business of studio art. With concentrations in Painting, Photography, Printmaking and Sculpture, there is a creative outlet for every artist.

Housed in the Center for Art & Design, the BFA and BS in Studio Art allows for a wide range of experimentation of media, development of individual ideas and opportunities for exhibition, internships and careers in the arts.

The Bachelor of Science in Studio Art (BS) is for students who choose to pursue a breadth of experience and understanding in art. The Bachelor of Arts Fine Arts in Studio Art (BFA) is designated for students whose aim is a professional career in art and requires specialization in one (or more) studio areas. Regardless of designation, all Studio Arts majors begin with a year of liberal education and foundation art courses during which your eye will be trained to see as an artist. Further study allows you to focus deeply on your chosen media while broadening your knowledge of art through our Art History courses. The culminating Senior Exhibition at the Esther Massry Gallery is your opportunity to show the world who you are as an artist and display your experience at Saint Rose.

Applying to the Center for Art & Design


Program Details

  • Program options include:
    • The Bachelor of Science (BS) in Studio Art, for students who pursue a breadth of experience in art rather than professional specialization in any studio area
    • The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Studio Art, for students whose aim is a professional career in art, with a concentration in one specific studio area
  • Internships give students hands-on experience with area sculptors, painters, and photographers, as well as museum experience in the Guggenheim Museum, Albany Institute of History and Art, New York State Museum, and others. Recently, six majors worked with a local muralist to complete a 7,500-square-foot outdoor trompe l’oeil painting for the City of Albany.