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Students March on Poverty

In the 2018-19 academic year, the Office of Spiritual Life will continue to  expand our Social Justice offerings and spread them throughout the year to keep us thinking about and acting toward seeking more just communities and a more just world.

You are welcome to participate and increase your awareness about social justice concerns on the local, national and global levels.  We hope you will use this information to find out how to use what you are passionate about to serve the needs within the world.

If you have an interest that you would like to pursue, please contact Joan Horgan in the Office of Spiritual Life and let us work with you to give shape to how you will make a difference.

During the Spring semester of 2018, we were very active, taking part in events around the Poor People’s Campaign.

Poor People's Campaign Logo

The Poor People’s Campaign is rekindling the movement fifty years after it was first conceived by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to raise up the voices of those living in poverty.  The larger national campaign will host many of its events between Mother’s Day and the end of June.

Saint Rose students, faculty, and administrators are working to build momentum for this campaign on campus. By holding our own events, we hope to raise up the voices of those who go unheard and are harshly judged at worst—those living in poverty. We want those who have known poverty in their own lives to feel part of a community working to make the Invisible Visible.  We want to make sure that every single member of our college community knows what the Poor People’s Campaign is and why it needs to matter to all of us. It can be as near as our family, our friends or the “dear neighbor.” It is an effort that is broader than political affiliation, even though some of the issues it surfaces have strongly defined political party stances. As with other marches occurring across our country and throughout the world, you may find yourself agreeing with some—if not all—of the issues under the umbrella of this campaign.

We sponsored three events:

Event #1 – Mac and Cheese Cook Off and Information fair to expand awareness about issues affecting the lives of those living in poverty, such as affordable housing, a living wage, hunger, health care, environmental justice, mass incarceration, and access to quality education.

Event #2 – Speak Out: Telling Our Stories, Raising Our Voices, Claiming Our Worth’ is a chance for students, employees, and faculty to tell their stories about how poverty impacts their lives and the lives of people they know.




"Everybody can be great because anybody can serve."-Martin Luther King, Jr.