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ICAN Overview

Sometimes in life, problems arise that make you question if you can complete a goal. We get that. Every now and then, we can all use some help. The ICAN program at Saint Rose is designed to help students get the short-term support and assistance needed to succeed, whether it’s an emergency loan for a crisis or a food voucher. We are here to help. There are several options for temporary assistance, all developed to remind you that, YOU can make it and we can help.

The ICAN program reminds students that:

  • I CAN get the support that I need
  • I CAN learn
  • I CAN finish this degree
  • I CAN win

For more information or questions email,

Apply for Assistance

To apply for assistance, click on the links below for The Student Emergency Fund or The Student Emergency Meal Voucher

The Student Emergency Fund Form The Student Emergency Meal Voucher Form